How does this happen?

The bf 109 z is missing the propeller hubs (this is an add in a magazine)


Thank you for posting this. This is very funny.

Now I want them to add a special Bf 109 Z with no prop hubs and just floating muzzle flash effects for the memes lmao

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Its from this wallpaper but props are there???
Also wingmounted cannons has flame removed.

hmm, 2 from 3 pictures look very old because theres even the Old hangar
how old is the magazine?
5 years?

It’s from this month

lol, epic printing fail.

So they remade a render for a plane that is not available to new players and they failed to notice an error in that render. why and how gaijin?

1 : using a plane with errors in the picture which also isnt aviable for new player
2 : out of the 4 pictures are 2 atleast nearly 5 years old, why not take pictures which are up to date?