How does one play (and enjoy) 8.3+ Ground RB?

It is starting to feel hopeless at this point.

When playing Ground RB at 8.3+, this is how my matches go.

  1. Spawn in

  2. Roll into battlefield constantly scanning for targets.

  3. For because my round decided to just not do any damage or someone somehow knew my exact position on the map and just instantly killed me.

It’s just not making sense. I see gameplay of Ground RB where these guys just round corners unconcerned but even when I check a corner and triple make sure it’s secure, there is some tank half a kilometer away sniping behind a hill who has been waiting for me specifically that entire match to kill me.

All of my tanks at this br are far below 0.5 KD’s. I just can’t seem to do well in tanks at all. The learning curve feels impossible to conquer compared to Air RB.

Not to mention, EVERY SINGLE MAP IS AWFUL. I swear Gaijin just designs the worst laps for this tier. Vietnam, Spaceport, Ardennes, Abandoned Town, Battle of Hurtgen Forest, etc. all all bad maps. They always have some sort of BS going on like tanks camping outside of spawns on Hurtgen.

I really do want to enjoy this br as my favorite SPAA (Ozelot) is at this br but I don’t want to bring just the Ozelot in so I bring other tanks in.

How does one enjoy this? It seems like i’m the only one not having fun at this tier.

A replay might help people identify problems you are having.

I would look into your replays, but the majority of tanks don’t do well sitting there and scanning, the Leopard I’m assuming is what you’re using, I would use to get to a good spot to sit and pick off enemies as its armour is kinda meh. At 9.0 with the A1A1 I would use it to shoot and scoot, as it has a stabilizer, still this is tricky as the whole no armour thing is still there. However 8.3+ is tricky and sometimes its just BS.

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask more.
(Once again this is just my own opinion)