How do you use a Leopard 1A5 in the current map pool in constant 10.3 lobbies?

95%+ of my games are full uptiers to 10,3 currently, what am I meant to do in a Leopard 1A5 when full uptiered into tanks that do literally strictly everything better than me on urban maps where I can’t A. snipe or B. flank?

Use the mobility to find a good spot, get a kill or two, and relocate. Plus it has an amazing APFSDS for a 9.3 and it has a LRF, thermals, and a stabilizer. Very nice features for a 9.3. Plus, since it is so speedy, you can surprise people by zooming around a corner and firing on the move. Quite an effective tactic if done correctly.


9.3 full uptiers are rough for everyone. At least you’re not in an M60 variant or a T-64A or T-72A/M.

With the Leo 1A5 you’re not losing any armour thankfully, but you can’t exploit your speed, gun handling and pen as much vs 10.3’s.


How do you play it on the most common map, the urban chokepoint map?

Issue is that most 10.3 usually outspeed the Leopard 1A5 and not just that but the CM11, Magach 6C and M60 TTS.

I’ve been trying to grind the French TT with my AMX-30 Super and these constant uptiers are just infuriating at this point, might as well stop until a Leclerc premium comes out.

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The same way you would at 9.3? It has absolutely no armour, even when top tier. Or assuming you’re playing 9.3 Germany, take out a T-72M1/KPZ-70 and see where that gets you.

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The issue is facing highly competitive tanks like M1/Leopard 2A4/T80 variants that have a strong edge over the Leopard in enviroments where you’re not really able to exploit sniping or flanking

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All 9.3 tanks suffer in uptiers, at least the Leopard has solid mobility, which even if it isn’t the best at 10.3, it’s at least competitive. You can position yourself on maps that allow for it (Albiet there are less and less of them).

Compare that to the likes of the upgraded M60s and Centurions, who trade mobility for armor that’s marginal even at 9.3, and completely useless at 10.3, all while being by far the slowest things on the battlefield. It’s not even like they can brawl any better than the Leopard can, their armor is effectively equally worthless, while they’re also larger targets with worse reactionary mobility.

As always, the answer is decompression. As well as better map preferences, that allows these tanks that rely on larger maps to actually get them.


The problem is getting maps where you can’t actually use mobility, but you miss the point of the post. I am not here to rant about the leopard but to ask how to use it in a more efficient way that I haven’t already tried

Peek and fire and move positions as much as possible. If you’re looking for a perfect answer, there probably isn’t one. Just make the best of it.

As I said, all 9.3s suffer in uptiers. And as you’ve already said, there’s nothing you can do that the 10.3s cannot do much better.

So ultimately, that leaves…nothing. There’s no magical role you can fulfil or gameplay style you can use to make the Leopard work better in 10.3 games. All you can do is stick to it’s strengths, which is flanking and sniping. On maps where that isn’t an option, consider taking one of the other 9.3s in the roster. The T-72 is a better brawler, the Bagelpanzer is a better flanker, the Kpz can sort of do both (Don’t discount that 6 second reload in a brawling situation), etc.

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I perform horribly in the 1A5, only 1.5 KDR this far even when I play extremely passively. My best performing German 9.3 is actually the M48 Super and it had a nuke, currently sitting at 2.0, T-72M1 comes in second with 1.8. I think the M48 surviving more due to the extra turret protection it has over the 1A5 as I played it entirely hull down.

Yeah they do, the jump from 9.3 to 10.3 is pretty insane. All of the Leo’s strengths are simply done better by the 10.3 tanks, so you just have to play like a rat. Which at least the 1A5 can do compared to an M60 or T series tank.