How do you play the Su-25T in ARB? So hard at 11.3

So I grinded the Su-25T and bought flares can I can’t do a thing with the plane … In Matches that we are winning I’m too slow to get anywhere and if we are losing then I’m a sitting duck… I think it should be 10.7 max or even lower… Any thoughts on how to play her?


u dont it is a strike craft, it is in a weird spot it has so many features for grb that its br gets increased to 11.3 because of it as a result it is useless in ARB, use it only in grb. If you wanna use it ARB you need the necesary skill to use it use tv guided mostly to shoot at ground targets dont go base bombing you are to slow for that

thanks, that is good feedback… I wish they had a separate BR for ARB vs. GRB or a dedicated ground striker PVE… I’m an average player but boy this is hard :)

Imagine buying the SU-39 as a new player and trying to fly it out in ARB.

Just ground pound with rockets and gunpods and try to avoid being spotted and harassed. You have literally no options aside from forcing a head on or an overshoot with the aircraft you face because let’s face it, 11.3 is practically 12.0.

R-60s may work from time to time but cannot be relied upon completely.

Good luck!

Buy a joystick, play SIM!

The Fun Part is: U don’t!

( as already stated by x_Shini)

thanks guys, good community and good feedback.