How do you guys use the J35D, i have a hard time in it

  • People say its super manoeuvrable but to me it gets outmanoeuvred by F-5cs. Was it really nerfed? is this the reason I cant pull the Draken manoeuvre?

  • Why is it facing radar missiles and all aspect missiles?

  • How can i and other players cope with this thing, should i just drop it and play the AJ-37?

  • Why did gaijin add the J35D instead of the J35F or J35J? Since they both are armed with Falcon Radar missiles

  • Why does Sweden at this tier feel severely underpowered despite people saying its op? Is it just dumb people forcing themselves into a turn fight and dying then complaining?

Please discuss and answer these questions with your opinions on this matter.

Should Gaijin replace the J35D with the J35F or J35J?

  • J35F & J35J should have been added from the start.
  • No. the J35D is good enough.
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Yea, The J35s And other Swedish interceptors in reality wouldn’t come across fighters due to Sweden’s intense Ground to air defence layout. Sweden’s fighters weren’t really meant to fight NATO equipment just soviet equipment. I have noticed this. Sweden relies on surprise attacks and guerrilla warfare even in war thunder. When confronted with NATO stuff Sweden performs poorly but when i meet USSR i often can reliably defeat most opponents.

So in Short. Sweden struggles against USA, Britain, Germany, etc. because Sweden was a counter primarily to the Warsaw pact. All of our systems seem to be perfectly designed to fulfil that purpose of defeating soviet machines and tactics. Not NATO or both at the same time.

Lack of Offensive Capabilities: Sweden’s emphasis on defensive operations meant that its air force lacked the extensive offensive capabilities of larger military powers. While proficient in defensive operations and counterattacks, the Swedish Air Force was not equipped for sustained offensive campaigns beyond its borders.

This is the reason for what I believe Sweden performs poorly in this game

If anybody can tell me how to use the J35D in a offensive role id take your advice thx

The Drakens are quintessential deltas. You have excellent turning performance for about one and a half turns (Depending on your energy state), but fully commiting to turning will bleed you of speed and leave you a sitting duck for third parties or planes with better energy retention. F-5C/Es are a particular hazard, as they are both manueverable enough to not be one-turned, and will absolutely stomp you if it goes extended. You do have excellent thrust, so you can get your speed back pretty quickly, but you’re vulnerable during this window.

However, the combination of good manueverability and speed bleed means that if you get on someone’s six, there’s basically nothing they can do unless they have the energy to outrun you. This means your best bet is to stay at mid altitude, find a distracted target at a somewhat lower energy state, and try to slot in behind them. Be aware that in turning 180 to chase someone, you’ll often bleed enough speed for them to get away if you at near equal energy states, so avoid this situation as much as possible.

Your missile kit is excellent for the tier, AIM-9Ps (RB24Js) are overall a very solid weapon, but are vulnerable to flares. Try to exploit their reasonable range and off-boresight tracking to fire them at people who aren’t paying attention to you. You will also see a lot of flareless planes in downtiers, against which AIM-9Ps are basically just free kills.

But, don’t take 4 AIM-9Ps. Take 3 and a rocket pod. You can use those rockets as an erstatz flare pod against all aspect missiles. If you see one approaching, make sure you slow to below mach (You cannot fire rockets above mach), turn slightly so the missile has to pull lead, and once the missile is fire, launch off a couple rockets. The missile will be decoyed most of the time. You can also use your good high altitude performance to climb above where these missile carriers can get to and sit above them until they’re neutralized, if you prefer. Worst case scenario, you can fire an AIM-9P at an incoming all aspect missile, which will always spoof it, albiet at the cost of one of your own missiles.

Your guns hit hard, but the lack of tracers make them annoying to use. Try to save your shots until your enemy has blown most of their speed and made themselves an easy target. They can also work for headons, but it’s a dangerous game at this tier.

S-103 go brrrrrr

You have taken ZERO consideration into WHEN the J35D was added and the nuance and context around that. Yeah they should have added the other Drakens, but you’re trying to say the FIRST draken added should not only be one of the best variants irl but also when it would have been INSANELY overpowered lmao

it is double delta wing you have exactly 1 turn. as for the cobra you need to go specific speed in order to do it.

i would say it is okay you have the viggen, draken, and most importantly the mig21bis
and yeah it is people just trying to do sustained turn fights with aircraft that were not build for such a thing.

I don’t own any Drake as of yet. But I’ve played against them many times. I actually grinded the entire high tier French air tree with my Mirage IIIE (talisman).

I can’t talk about how the draken feels like, but I can tell how it feels playing against it.
Basically, any time I see a draken (D or XS) , it’s my target of choice in the Mirage, I easily dominate them in every ways but number of missiles carried.

I am currently working on the Swedish ground tech tree, I am a bit scared of grinding the Swedish airplanes. I almost bought the XS, but from my experience as someone who’s able to destroy them fairly easily, as of yet I haven’t made my purchase, even though I do not hesitate to give money to the snail.