How do you get a user created camo to become marketplace ready?

So I’m just wondering what are the required tags on war thunder live to get skins/camos to have a potential to be added to the game as part of the loot boxes?

There is no particular tag really. The best chance you can get for getting into a loot box is a historical recreated camouflage usually and make it 4K or higher quality


^ That, Thanks!

Standard size quality is 4K, so 4096 x 4096… I use 8K my self, just for higher quality details

As mentioned, no real required Tag for possible Marketplace selections, you may even see players use #marketplaceready but that has no impact on staff selections

Tags just helps to keep things in order and or for staff or other players to find a subject, say like the F-16C… so tags like f16 f16c and so on, do not need too many but just helps to find all the F-16C skins for example

and the same if your subject is #historical or #semihistorical or even #fantasy… staff may use those to look for interesting skins

Staff tend to be looking for more in the way of rare or interesting skins, so any special Anniversary, Event, Airshow, Red Flag, Top Gun, Adversary, Aggressor and so on will stand out more and may have more of a impact on the selection process because they tend to be more rare and interesting

Or even if some squadrons have interesting squadron markings, even that can stand out and be interesting for possible skin selections

Staff also hunt for skins pretty much all year round, so no need to wait for the next Dev Server roll out, but most players tend to publish skins a few weeks in and around when the staff start to publish Dev Blogs for the next update and up to the Dev Server openings and any possible sections can last up to at least a week after the content patch goes live

so… hope that helps ?


sure does, thanks