How do you feel about having props vs jets in realistic battles?

A little background, I tend to fly the spitfire mk 24 because it is such a beautiful aircraft to look at. Recently, (maybe within the past few months or so), I been trying to fly it in realistic battles and it does fairly well. Sometimes, the enemy players would just joke about it but overall, it been quite the experience.
However, I would sometime encounter players (very rarely) that would get really mad because they got killed by a prop from a head-on pass. (reply below).
As a player in a Jet around the 7.0 battle rating, how do you feel about fighting props plane? If you got shot down by one, what is your normal reaction? Do you find it unfair or it is just like getting shot down by any other plane?

Honestly I just applaud the skill, unless it’s something like a Spit 24 where I just wonder WHY it faces jets. I have the 24 but haven’t played it yet, I was wondering if it actually deserves 7.0 or not

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I get killed by them often because I suck.

I feel like a thread just about RB and not the game in general does not belong in the general section of the forums but the RB section.

a colleague once told how he was called a cheater because he shot down a jet fighter while flying a biplane. He just had more than 10,000 hours of flight time in the game IL2…

The people who usually bring props in a jet battle are most of the time team killers.

I think there should be a bigger BR gap between ww2 and cold war era aircraft just so they dont mix so much. I love flying the mrk 22 and 24 but it takes to long getting to the battle. Gaijin could put a BR fire break of 0.7 between the 2. In fact they could do that also with sonic and sub sonic jet’s and so on

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But then they would be too strong against ww2. F7F-1 is prefectly fine on its BR.

F7f sits at 6.3. Br fire break wont affect it, BR fire break would be a gape between BR7 and BR 8.
So spit is at 7.0 end of ww2. Then coldwar jets wont start till 7.7. You still got stuff in between just not cold war. Btw your f7f is 1943/44

So basically you dont want to be uptiered…

Its not the uptier, its meeting cold war jets like the german sea hawk which has AIM missils

My bad, first time posting on the forums so I had no idea where it should go. General discussion seems like a good idea at the time.

Sadly it wasn’t by choice, the spitfire mk 24 have a BR of 7.0. Maybe like 8/10 times, I get matched with jets. Oddly enough, playing against jets is more fun in my opinion.

No Problem.

The thing is that often the general section is used like an RB/AB/SB section and problems are discussed like they are relevant to all modes even though they aren’t.

This will lead to people coming to the wrong conclusion

Back in the day (like a decade ago lol, 2013-15) I played lots of high rank IV props, and there was a sense of “prestige” or pride for claiming jet kills while flying props, especially when you’d be topping the team’s scoreboard in a lobby filled with mostly jets. So this nostalgia is what I think of when thinking of the 6.0+ props that fight jets. Nowadays because rank V isn’t nearly as much of a “gatekept” thing as it once was there’s many more inexperienced jet players who don’t know what they’re doing and end up fighting to the strength of the props, and inevitably die rapidly and in a “humiliating” fashion

Only upside about that airplane are missiles. The platform itself is shit.