How do you farm SL in naval?

to all 10 naval players
how do you get money in this mode?
I got Smelyi from battlepass and the most I earned in a match was like 30/40k
I hit people a lot but those hits dont do anything, I almost always deal the least amount of damage unless I get a lucky ammo rack kill but even then its not a lot of money
how do you get like 200-300k per match???

Play. Get gooder. Don’t die. Always run SL boosters. Premium boats are a multiplier, but not necessary. Lots of hits are better than just a few 1 salvo kills.
The game rewards naval with higher payouts than any other mode. That is why you had all the botters.

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Premium boat with good SL modifier + backup + SL booster = profit

Step 1: Buy Moffet, Frank Knox or get Atlanta.

Step 2: Target someone with your insane RoF and keep your distance and watch as they basically just evaporate.

Step 3: observe as steps 1 and 2 make profit.

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For me (at least pre-nerf last major update) HMS Belfast + Booster usually = 300k+

Use the USS Wilkonson with it’s HE-VT shells in both primary and secondary armaments and farm damage on other destroyers without killing them. I can get around 150k a match with no boosters with it. It does massive amounts of damage without killing ships, but it will almost always keep their ship out of fighting condition by destroying turrets and such. To get the maximum SL you want to deal damage, not necessarily kill other ships.

I had a game where I pelted an Admiral Graff Spee for like 4 minutes straight and I got drops of like 15k sl before I would stop dealing damage long enough for it to dissipate to 0 again. If you find a light cruiser (especially a bot one) then you can just pelt it and pelt it for massive SL gains.

What shell are you using and where are you aiming? The russian 130 has great aphe. Unless you only want to fish for an ammo rack, aim for the engines. Taking out the engines and transmissions will drain a lot of crew.