How do you bomb enemy bases correctly?

How do you bomb enemy bases without wasting bombs?

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Do you mean with a heavy bomber from height or low level with P47 etc?

By using the forum search?

The topic is far more complicated than people usually think…

So in other words you have to consider a hell of factors if your goal is to avoid wasting bombs.

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I mean something like a Ju-88 A1

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It basicly takes 4 to 8 thousand pounds (half that for kg) to destroy a base as a simple rule. For most battles I work on the rule 4000 for a 3 base map which there are very few now and 8000 for 4 base maps and they respawn. If your not sure drop 4000lb and see what’s left. Basic observation of damage done and left will tell you which it is.

In practice, you will have to try various loadouts for effect. More tonnage isn’t always better.


Agree. And bigger bombs gives less points very often.

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Actually the best low tier bomber and extremely relaxing to play after a long day.

If you want to use it in Air RB:

Best loadout is 4 x C 250 (Flamm) and 28x50 kg. If you approach 2 bases drop 2 C 250 on each to kill them and use something like 5 SC 50s for undamaged bases. In case all bases are already destroyed when you arrive, the mentioned loadout is usually (so until u reach BR 2.7) enough to kill the enemy airfield.

I used the Ju 88 A-1 to build up crew points, lost just 2 aircraft in 141 battles and gained a 80% win rate. Just extend from the other bombers right after spawn - away from them and stay away from own bases in order to avoid getting spotted by enemy bombers. Use standard MEC settings (50% rad for oil and water) and climb to 6.500 to 7.000 meters, level out, pick up speed and start your bomb run. Usually you will end the match unmolested with this tactic and you can do you tests of how many SC 50 needed undistracted.

Edit: Update of my content as Ju 88 A-1 has now custom loadout. Max bombload increased from 1.900 to 2.400 kg - but 2 x C 250 Flamm kills a base and 2 x SC 250 not.


Excatly - the small bomb bonus creates strange effects:


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You are welcome!

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How can i make save that the sc 250 drop First?

Mhm - iirc the external load always dropped first. Thats why i had to use this workaround with 2 runs for 2 bases.
If they changed this<the drop sequence: Set a key for dropping a bomb and another for opening the bomb bay. If your bomb bay is closed external bombs should be released first if u press bomb drop…

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Best thing to do is go to options and turn on manually select secondary weapons by default (can’t remember exact wording). Then set a key for change secondary weapon and then another (spacebar) for use secondary weapon. After doing this it tells you always top left under speed what weapon/bomb is selected and will drop when using secondary weapon (pressing spacebar).

This isnt only good for this but makes top tier planes easier when you can have bombs, rockets, missiles, guns etc and reduces the need for 10 key bindings to just 2.

Get gaijin to add in the missing 1800 kg bomb:

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I try it.

I tried too in 2017 but nothing happened and all the images died: