How do tanks like KV1, T34, standard M4, etc take a KV2 HE round directly to the turret for ZERO damage?

The concussive effects of such a high calibre HE round with nearly SIX KILGRAMS of TNT would at very least kill or injure the crew. The complete inconsistency of the effects of hits like this are really getting on my nerves. One minute it kills the entire crew, and the next it does absolutely nothing. I get that penetration effects rely on various things such as armour thickness, angle, etc, but concussive effects should be much the same regardless.

It’s called inconsistent game mechanics It happens, if the first shot doesn’t kill the second one usually does.

But when the tank has about a 45 second reload, if the first shot doesn’t kill (and it should), you often don’t get a second. That’s the problem. You end up killed, when you SHOULD end up WITH a kill. And it happens far too often.

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