How do ppl play WT mobile?

Tried playing on my phone when it came out - but it’s way too small to be able to do anything useful… just tried again this morning, and strangely enough nothing had changed!!🤯🤣

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They don’t. Mobile adaptations of PC multiplayer games are 90% just cashgrabs with no much care put into them. Majority will be bots instead of players as well

Yeah thats mobile gaming in nutshell. 1/3 of your 7" screen is blocked by HUD

I am playing WT mobile on 5.4 inch screen. its fun because it is ab without repair cost

I have a 6.4" screen and I can’t make out any detail :(

Afaik if you are on win11, you should be able to play using WSA on your PC.

So yes my solution is playing Warthunder Mobile on PC

If I’m on my PC I don’t need the mobile version!! :)

But I had a look - WT Mobile isn’t available in the Amazon App store, so that doesn’t work