How do I use bomb series or drop all at time with A4E's CCRP?


Can someone explain how can I use bomb series + CCRP on Skyhawk? I always have issues, I doesn’t drop even when I’m holding bomb series button even with Weapon Ripple (I have no idea what it is for), and I always need to drop one by time, and doing this with 250lbs bombs take such a time because I’m trying to bomb and leave.

Sure i can help!

So we need to get your controls set up first.

You will need to set up switch mission bombing target and activate target point ( it also turns off the ccrp )

You also have to make sure you have your series button assigned.

This is my set up but use what ever keys work best for you.

Now you hit your mission target butting and it will target a base. hit it again and you can cycle through all the bases.

so you lined up your crosshair with the line on the base. you will see a bar and a ball. When you get closer to the base the bar will start moving down. You can press and hold the bomb series button and when the bar hits the circle your bombs will drop.

Now if you see this
You have your weapon selector on and theres two ways to go. you can turn it off by setting up the keybind like this, and turning it off will let you bomb with your series with out issue.

The second way would be to use another set to adjust the number of bombs you want to drop with another contold here

You can press the button multiple times to cycle through the number of bombs you want to drop and it will look like this

To drop the ripple bombs just hit what ever button you have set up to drop bombs. So mine is space bar and if i hit space bar now, 8 bombs will drop instead on one. Using it with the CCRP just hold the space bar lining up with the line and 8 will drop. If i want all to drop, turn off weapon select and use the series instead. Just make sure you turn on the series at the start before taking off because that can not be changed in flight. If you dont enable the serires at the start use the second method in a pinch.

hope this helps!


A guide for CCRP there.

Weapon ripple is for when you want to drop multiple bombs with weapon selection instead of bomb series


@Ravanos @Morvran thank you both. Surely this information will help!

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