How do I use ATGM carriers?

I need to stop to fire, and 90% of matches are on close quarters Call of Duty maps, and now after the the recent massive nerf to atgm’s, how am I supposed to do anything?

There are no spots I can snipe from, even the maps that arent urban maps end up being close quarters brawls and there is nothing I can do. There are a few decent maps that allow for somewhat realistic tank gameplay where my ATGM carrier (and British tanks) can put in work, but for some reason they never get played, I havent seen Red Desert for like 100 games.

I dont understand why so much effort is put into making vehicles and their weapons historically accurate when the battlefields they fight on are the complete opposite, air RB is somewhat the same but at least you arent as restricted with regards to positioning.

It would be nice if we just had the option to ban as many maps as we want. Then I could just play the three maps that dont make me want to uninstall the game, and people who want to play call of duty with tanks can do so, and ban the long range maps.

Honestly the only reason I’m playing ground to begin with is to get the event vehicle and sell it, the maps are just so terrible that it isnt fun to play. There is just no strategy at all, just hold the 1 key and see who can click the other faster.

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They should get the ability to shoot on the move, there is no reason this limitation exists, same with the Bradleys, you can see footage from Ukraine where they drive with the launcher in combat position because obviously they’re not going to pack that up every time.

Don’t spawn the ATGM carrier on those CQC maps.

Do your best and play in the most cowardly sniping way possible, that’s your only option with the map choices

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Unfortunately, just take one in your line up, but dont depend on them. If the map is right for them, They are great, if not they are nearly worthless (though some nations suffer more than others, Britain is only good on the really big maps)

They have gotten a lot better in recently, but Gaijin is moving towards CQB only maps, and so long range specialist, like many ATGM launchers are destined to become obsolete. Its a shame

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All the maps are CQC maps…

I remember playing the M113 and I died because I was rotating the vehicle in place, but that counts as moving so I couldn’t shoot the missile.

Currently there really isn’t any reason to use a missile carrier if you have access to an IFV or basically any other light vehicle that can shoot at ground targets. Sure if you enjoy having 10+ second reload to shoot a big slow HEAT round which gets completely blocked by tracks, go ahead

On top of your issues (not forgetting the particular vehicles you are hinting at have a min engagement range of at least 1km unless you park with your rear in the air) the worst time ever is Events (and now BP is 24/7).

Majority prefer close fights as you can see from EVERY map in game where most will bee-line for CQC areas, just like their YouTube besties. I personally avoid all these so in some cases you can make use of actual tactics and vehicle’s traits.

So yes, situational and so very hard to “grind”.

The key is to find the spots that do work and give up on thinking, because your team usually does the moment Join is clicked (thinking).

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