How do i obtain the 'Target destruction report'?

So I build the missile, I tested it and I answered (in)correctly in the report. So I got a single resource crate, but no 'Target destruction report. Can someone plz explain to me how you aquire one. Am I supposed to answer corretly of the false parts or is it down to luck if I ever get a missile that has no faulty parts, in which case I have “constructed a combat effective missile” as the discription of how to get a ‘Target destuction report’ says ingame.

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missiles will always have at least 1 faulty part you just gotta see what is wrong with it, id recommend you to test drive the vehicle before doing the event and check the difference and then you can generalize a difference in parts

Good tip and i did, I would launch the missile but the engine would go out. So i marked the oxygen tank as faulty(had no other options for engine parts to pick between) and i marked the “combat effective missile”-itself as faulty as well. It seems as though this system is very poorly explained, and that is such a shame :(

what i would recommend its get a list of what issues are what make the missile fail for example i found 2 issues and pattern with the missile
1- when control servo motors are failing the missile takes a lot to turn
2- when the fuse dosent work the missile just pops without any explosion
could be cool you could help by filling the list of what parts make the missile act in a different way

sure i would def. help with that, ones i answer correctly, hopefully nex time ;)

the oxygen tank was right but there may be something else affecting it aswell, was your missile wiggling or doing something weird like a hard control?

no not at all, that is what is wierd

probably fuselage or something was your missile taking too much to turn around? like a bit more than normal?

List of faulty components proof
1- engine failure- Oxygen Tank
2- heavy control- control servo motors
3 -No explosion- faulty fuse


It was flying fine, but would never acclerate to topspeed but drop behind the plane(going some odd 230 kmh) then the engine on the missile would die out and just drop lol

did it allow you to control it while it was dropping or control it at all?

It did yeah

ok when you fail it tells you what else you were missing to mark so try to check what did you miss

it does? damn I am sorry I got frustrated and just closed the pop up window, so I would have no idea.

lol dont worry next time if you fail check what you were wrong and check the patterns then keep filling the list to have a way of knowing what is wrong

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Ill be sure to do that

I usually don’t come to WT forum, but it was among first google results
Thank You for this quick list, was launching missle again and again and didn’t knew why target doesn’t blow up. Now I know it’s all thanks to fuse, and it wasn’t me doing something wrong :D

Some missiles will be faulty. For event progression it does not really matter whether you identify their fault or not. You only get the target destruction report that you need for prizes when you have a properly functional missile. Therefore in my opinion the simplest way to deal with missile testing is this: mark every tested missile as HAVING NO FAULT.

but you get more parts for next missile, so there is still reason to at least try indentify it - next rocket will be little bit faster

I would rather not waste time and nerves testing and trying to guess the fault, the forums are already full of complaints by frustrated guessers. Or just tick any arbitrary component, you might get lucky.