How do I kill helicopters sitting outside of gun range?

So, with me having unlocked the Gepard, I have been using it quite a bit and love it. There is one slight problem however.

Helicopters. They sit at ranges of 4km+ and i cannot even fire at them meanwhile they just continue lobbing agm’s from their heli spawns. Most get close, however, some decide to just stay at range meaning it is impossible to kill them.

I don’t have an SPAA with missiles yet, so I cannot counter then like that.

I just try and not attract their attention. You have radar so you can monitor their locations, other than that try aiming higher than normal to compensate for the shell drop.

use radar to see what range they are at then use the gun range controls to set elevation to that distance and open fire in short and small bursts in order to avoid attracting attention. maybe they wont see and just die

This, when I still played higher BR ranges when the heli’s first came out I was hitting them with APFSDS from 4k out. Upset a few, swore I was hacking LOL!

Ahhh so the Gepard actually has radar… Very cool. I didn’t know. Make sure you inform your teammates if ya catch one on radar!! Please :D

Sorry should have mentioned it wasn’t the Gepard, US tank round

step 1 complain on forum about helo’s and not able to shoot because their rocket range is beyond your range.

Step 2 . if you see you get a missile towards you j out,
step 3 call out the people in the air in what ever fashion it suits you, You cannot escape those things in the air if you play ground forces , They can change that but Air is holy by the devs
Step 4. have fun ingame and always remember to j out when you get targeted by air