How do I get rid of the new SHIFT + A icon at the bottom of the screen in air mode?

Irritating clutter, not needed.


Go to Controls->Weaponry find Visual weapon selector and remove bind.

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Icon remains.


Yeah, can’t do anything about it rn.
I think you can only hide it when you have custom loadout.

That is just brilliant Gaijin. An eyesore right in the middle of the bottom of the screen, will be especially “helpful” when you are trying to spot ground targets. Beyond pathetic.


Thanks so very much snail, for cluttering my screen with useless garbage. I mean, who doesn’t love to see less while flying a plane? And animating the icon is such a nice touch … it makes the whole thing even more annoying. Great work!


Yes, I do not like it at all. Blocks vision

I don’t like the feature at all being that it conflicts with the default controls…


The control must’ve been a total afterthought. There is no sane person who would use Shift+A for anything, because they are both use for very important functions (banking left, and throttle up)

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At least the shift-A is visible so you know what is going on, there is also a shift-D (“switch CM”) bind that almost plowed me into the ground 3 or 4 times before I realized it was there. It doesn’t lock you out of all controls like Shift-A, but it still kills your roll input which is quite lethal when chasing CAS between buildings.

U can hide it with /

Yeah… You can hide it in SB but in RB it seems buggy. War Thunder UI needs an overhaul

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Only works if you have more than 1 item, if its the only item, it cant be hidden

/ Doesn’t work. But there is a toggle to turn it off in Options>Battle Interface>Show Action Bar in Battle.



I’ve been trying to find a way to hide that for ages. Ive kept missing that setting

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Yeah, but its annoying to have to go into settings and change it if you DO actually use it for ground and naval since they have so many more thingies to remember what key does what.
Hopefully they will fix it.

Ah yeah. Being able to assign settings/controls profiles to a vehicle would be awesome. Swap vehicle. Settings change automatically

Bro, there’s more to it…

Like wasd and q and e being default ‘advanced’ settings, with ctrl and shift as throttle, ends up the entire lot are screwed over because of the prior additions.

Even holding throttle up with the brake conflicts currently…

It’s absurd how this hasn’t been noticed in the months I’ve mentioned it as a CRITICAL gamebreaking issue…

The only one you can press out of the normal controls is E with the throttle up, everything else, does nothing.

Do you guys actually not skim through the controls menu to set/change all the new additions after a major patch? Serious question, because I never go into a match after an update without making sure I’ve at least unbound/etc the newly-added defaults.

Like sure, the choice of default buttons here is silly, but the degree to which it’s being overblown here and especially on reddit is hilarious.

The first thing I did after booting up the game yesterday was go to controls and remove the keybind :D :D :D

A) The button on the bottom of the screen is annoying and should be removed.
B) SHIFT + A… I mean come on. Nobody actually playing the game would bind this to SHIFT + A. :D :D :D
C) If you really really need a visual weapon selector, then you should have been inspired by IDK… GTA5 weapon wheel for example.

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