How do I get good in realistic battles?

I’ve been playing warthunder for about 400 hours, and I never touched RB, mostly because im bad, and its too hard and confusing. Any tips?

Wrong tag, but if you want to clarify which RB mode you are looking at, then we can help.

Biggest thing is don’t be hanging about with negative nancies that give up and roll over at the slightest hint that things aren’t going thier way.

Can’t make a team of people who are just so deadset losing that they can’t see any reason to do anything.

  • Edit - Something I commonly tell people is to last longer, aim for the assists as going for kills will get you killed faster, where if you go for that assist you may even just end up with a kill anyway. -

The greatest tip I can give you is not to be pressured into playing any RB mode. This game doesn’t have a gameplay mode progression, and if you don’t think you’ll have fun in realistic modes then stay in arcade modes. You should stay where you have the most fun. You don’t ever need to “graduate” to realistic. The only exception to this is Air RB because it has most of the same features as Air AB just without lead indicators and more serious physics.

For AIR, watch DEFYN guides, or im sure people will recommend other air youtubers that will explain it much better. TL;DR

  • know what you are flying
  • know what the enemy is flying
  • learn the positioning


  • have full lineup if possible
  • try to fill different niches within that lineup so you arent caught by maps
  • learn difference between cover and concealment
  • learn to listen (very important)
  • learn the maps (are there any hills? Are there multiple ways to approach the objective? Where you can expect the enemy to make first contact?)
  • learn what you are driving
  • learn what the enemy is driving
  • learn to use binos (extremely important)
  • learn how to use a map for rangefinding (gets less important as you reach laser rangefinders)
  • adapt your playstyle to circumstances at hand

Most of these skills will translate between modes, so Im sure you already have some of those already.

The biggest difference you will have to overcome is the fact that game takes the traning wheels off and you will have to spot and rangefind by yourself rather than rely on the arcade crosshair (and even then you will eventually reach laser range finder which does the job for you).

You will also have to figure out the weakspots by yourself, but remember, if in doubt, go for gun breech, if you cant, go for gun barrel, and then for tracks/engine.

Learn about altitude as advantage, know your plane and its characteristics, know the planes you are going after. Start by going after the bots. Don’t be the first one in the scrum, wait a bit and go in with your teammates… Use mouse aim and autopilot. Most aces on this game do that. Put cursor on target and shoot. If you want a challenge, set up realistic controls and use VR, then the fun begins…