How do I fight the Yak-3?

So I was out flying my American corsairs (f4u4b and F2G) and got into an engagement against a Yak 3. For the longest time I remember this BR only ever having to fight fw190’s, ta152’s and Ju288s at this BR, so I wasn’t sure of the optimal attack strategy to take down a YAK 3, So I tried maintaining a fair distance of like 2.8 KM and climbing until he couldn’t follow me, since most Russian planes are low altitude fighters. Thing is, he followed me all the way up, almost catching me multiple times, even when I was near the corsairs apparently high-top speed. Lead him all the way up to 5KM and the map boundary, before I turned around to engage him, but he was still right on my tail and had apparently lost no speed at all. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to take them down, or if they were just another biasinator 3000 like the BI.

They compress at high speeds, and have a low wing rip speed due to their wooden construction, your options include boom and zooming (Watch out they have a higher climb rate than you), or to bring them up to a high speed. Do NOT turn with them. If they get on your tail don’t try to maneuver, just try to get away


If your opponent was a Yak-3U you might want to read this:

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5km is just about the altitude they start getting a bit gutless - you were not high enough by a long shot.

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