How do I complete the Odin's Retinue Challenge?

How can I complete the naval part of the challenge? It says to make 10 000 point in Naval AB or RB, but noone plays it. I face just bots and when I do the enduring battle event, it doesn"t count. Anyone? Thank you

I suggest playing a popular br. Also would either stick to pure coastal or blue water. Coastal has many playing 3.0-4.3. In blue water, 4.7 is popular. Many premiums are in that range, so you can expect players there especially during special challenges.

I feel like you will see more active coastal arcade players vs arcade blue water. Wheres you will see more active RB blue water vs RB coastal players. Just my opinion.

Like any game, there are active times and inactive times. I see full lobbies during the weekends. Weekdays usually during early evenings I see action. Late night is usually quieter.

I found coastal was fast to gain the points.

Playing RB at the lower end (3-4 BR) makes close combat a thing and because of this the points accumulate faster.

On an average… feeling type thing, how long do you wait for a match?

Not too long, I queue on the US servers only, don’t join in progress, and whilst there’s a low player count in the queue, you’ve got to remember that a match will finish and peopel will requeue.

5 minutes would be the max I was waiting, but as I say, low BR. The German S-100s and the barges make for quick points.

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Is this the first time playing the mode? If so you will be fighting AI’s iirc the first ten matches before you’re put against players & generally the most popular BR’s (RB wise) is 2.7 - 5.3 imho.

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Alright, thanks. that’s what i was wondering. Why am I always playing bots., Thanks

Select all servers, you’ll get games but it can take a bit of waiting