How did i get 2800 golden eagles?

I had 2400 golden eagles and today i noticed i have magicly 5200 but i didn bought them. Was there anything i did miss these celebration days?

Have bought tier 1 APFSDS for T8 tanks?


not unlocked any t8 tank yet, why is there suposed a reward for this?

You can see this in reports or what ever its called, where you check battle results etc.

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i did, economy and archivements but i cant find it, must be mebe 1 or 2 days ago so its not in the list anymore. anyway i wont complain, just wondering :D

You most likely bought something for GE they changed to free in this update so they returned GE to you.

A friend of mine had something similar happen once and when Gaijin took notice they took it all away.
Issue was that he spent a bunch of it and thus went into a negative, Iā€™d recommend resolving this with support rather than risking that.

What could that be if it is the case?

My friend got lots of GE back after update because he purchased APFSDS on top tier tanks.


Very possible then, depends on if OP bought any such things then

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i remember i did indeed buy APSDF on top tier tanks back then BR 7 so this might explain :D

Then that it is rather than what I initially posted. Have fun with your new money!

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thank you, u said BR 8 so i was confused :D

That was someone else :p

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