How come the Swedish J9 isn't on sale on the market place?

Ive given up on the grind and just wend "%#¤ it ill just buy it, then i go and nothing?

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“Event vehicles at Rank IV-VIII and decals will be granted in the form of coupons, while Rank II premium vehicles, decorations and camouflages will be immediately activated on your account.”

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You can’t buy it.
How many stars do you have? If you want it so badly you’ll have to use GE before the event ends to buy yourself 4 stars if you have none (careful to buy the Air ones, not the Ground or Naval).
But you could just forget about it, since it’s crap. Also these Seversky planes should come to low rank normal USA tree too in the future (my guess).

Btw, even if it was good I wouldn’t waste 4000 GE on it…

well thats dumb