How come Israel AH-60 is 11.3 with 16 spikes balance please?

Today just went with my 10.3 german lineup to have some fun untill i noticed ah-60 i was like wtf isnt it suppose to be like 11.7 no? How helicopter with termals,16 spikes,and 20mm cannon can be at 11.3 gaijin hello? Where i have to face it at 10.3 br move it to 11.7 balance things a bit. And im in top tier 11.7 with tiger uht and 8 spikes just get 1-2 kills max because Ruski armour is magic and tanks all the spikes.

Weapons aren’t the only thing for balancing vehicles… The Tiger UHT is a smaller lighter airframe, and probably can’t carry 16 Spikes, but is much more nimble in the air. The AH-60 is a much heavier and stronger helicopter that allows for more weapons to be carried, but it can’t fly nearly as well because of it’s size. Neither Blackhawk is 11.7 anyway, probably because of the agility of the airframe.


yea, also dont forget that the self defense isnt that good either, would rather prefer using my a129d instead of the ah60, and spikes are also slower


Same reason why Israel better Ah-64D is 11.3 while US one is 11.7.

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tbh i do agree with that, israeli one is better, far more CM, only difference is that it doesnt have laser guided hydras, however i dont think the us apache should be 11.7 because of that

That’s not going to stay like that for long. The Israeli AH-64 historically did have laser guided hydras. Gaijin just didn’t add them yet because it doesn’t have staff working on creating models for Israeli vehicles and weapons.