How can I not get upset at the game?

I already knew there was no skill. They add missiles and it makes getting kills easier, they add flares but add missiles that can ignore flares. It just turned into a badly done copy of dcs without any of the actual fun aircraft elements of dcs. The only tanks seem to be interesting no matter what they add.

Try playing pre-missile for a change!!

And what decision making would that be? "Hey, I’m heading to this target. I’m telling my team so we don’t duplicate efforts or waste bombs. Hey teammate, what target are you taking? Hey teammate, confirm your target. Hey teammate, I called that one already why did you bomb it? Why are you mocking me? Why are you actively working against your team? "

Unlike this guy, I respected the other base bombing calls by the rest of the team instead of rushing to get to one of them first for a steal. That was the “decision” I made to my detriment.

There’s a thing called context clues. If someone ignores you repeatedly and then mocks you its a pretty good bet their action was done on purpose.

Play for the fun, not for the grind, enjoy all the tiers. Everyone has good days and bad days, if you are getting mad at the game, put it down, go do something else and clear your head. I tend to make silly mistakes when I’m trying too hard. Join a clan with people you enjoy playing with.


just flee Warthunder. And avoid paying for this crap next time.

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I think they should have different levels not just battle ratings. I didnt realise that when your a newby you are still playing against hardened battle pros out for fresh meat.

You need to find some of those hardened battle pros to squad with so you can get some things unlocked.

For me that is 100% effective. I just don’t always remember to do it. ;)

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