How can I not get upset at the game?

You might think about adding a “mostly” to toxic players - some random guys you meet from time to time are actually quite nice.

Imho “mostly toxic” fits to this forum too, also with some exceptions…

No offense - but if you play 40k arcade battles you might not be aware of what is happening in Air RB. And team killing and griefing strongly depends on servers, BRs, Game modes (which might include friendly fire) and even daytime when you are playing.

So i a fellow player describes his game experience as above your reply looks not created with the faith of support (“sharing is caring”) as your own experiences are not suited to change his experiences…

Same applies to toxic players - trying to mirror this with his quote and your remark you are just confirming his pov instead of devalidating it.

Last but not least - outside Arcade and before the economy change it was quite easy to lose money - in Air RB there were some TT planes which required 2-3 kills just to cover your repair cost, so again a rather not helpful response…


Most likely they don’t actually know you exist and the toxicity is entirely from you ascribing bad motives…

No. I’ve called bases and someone else goes out of their way to get there. I’ll be working over an aircraft and setting them on fire and someone either flies between me and the plane to block my shots or swoops in to steal the kill after I’ve done all the work. They know exactly what they are doing.

As an example, the base issue happened on Sunday with a 200% booster. I called one (out of 4) and someone else ran ahead and took it, despite there being 2 other bases that hadn’t been called. I got shot down and had zero score so that gave me negative $9k SL for repair and a 2 day wait.

I called the player out and was told “lol, cool story.” There’s a willfully toxic generation of gamers and I don’t get it.

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When you get a loser team, playing well and finishing top does give me some satisfaction.


I recommend playing custom games where you have some target tanks you struggled with in recent games. Shooting them from all different angles and ranges helps a lot in learning where I went wrong and it helps me feel like I learned something and progressed as a player, if not in SL/RP.


This is a great summary!

As for the question about how to not get mad about some ingame stuff I have two suggestions:

  1. Don’t play WT if you are tired or angry, it will make you much less resilient to various annoyances and make you more likely mad.

  2. The game is very much random and you are just a small part, so don’t expect to be able to win and rather set yourself smaller goals that are achievable.
    For example, I recently started to enjoy playing SPAA and I always go for it with david vs goliath mindset, so I always expect to be in disadvantage and thus it feels more rewarding to achieve anything with it.
    Whenever I get mad, because I didn’t do nearly as well as last match, I realize it is just expectation issue.


Everything you have described look exactly like someone playing their own game and not paying any attention to you at all - “Cool story bro’” means that as far as they are concerned it is something you’ve made up that isn’t actually real.

You are being presumptuous and exactly the sort of toxic play you pretend to be railing against.

The person that responded with “cool story bro” was the person that raced ahead and took the base. They knew exactly what they did. It was purposeful and malicious.

It’s annoying that… One time I pulled up at the cap, on the edge, with enough room to drive in, and someone purposefully blocked me from entering by deliberately turning in front of me to stop me from getting on the cap after it was clear I was waiting for more of the team to get up to a point where they could get on…

It’s actually that sort of action, that makes people disregard the team…

Now that they’ve stopped the ‘credit’ being the same for ‘everyone’ who ends up on point, it’s making it more focused on just being one person, not a team consideration.

Currently if I wait for people to get on the point until the last second to actually get on, making sure we can have as many on the point, I get jack in rewards…

Treat it as a silly game where dying means nothing.Just get into the habit of simply going again when you die.
I found this while playing the game after a few drinks.I play better and don’t care if I die.Im not advocating drinking just the carefree attitude it brings.

You don’t say what you play but I play GRB and I think if I had of played a lot more arcade I would be a better player because you learn not to be so uptight or worried about getting killed in Arcade.

The game is actually quite silly in may respects and you can only really respond in kind.
It is hard not to naturally get better by dying.It is the only way.

Don’t worry about that stat rubbish either, it means nothing.Gaijin should remove public stats so only you can see them.It leads to bullying and worrying and Gaijin should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it and endorsing it.

Also remember just how most players suffer in online gaming from Lag/Latency/Ping whatever ,even when it all looks fine.Don’t beat yourself up if you got outdrawn because quite often it is the internet connection not you.Professional Gamers can spend a fortune trying to overcome this.

Just keep going and remember many good final scores come from a game that started badly.3 kills in the last 3 minutes etc

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Any game that is annoying to play…i don’t play it :)

I in fact stopped playing AIR AB when it became annoying…and i had lots of hours in it.
I am now playing mostly Ground AB and Naval AB as i have lots of fun…

IF all the game modes i play stop being fun…there are lots of other games out there…perhaps no other good free WW2 tank game…
BUT…i wont waste my little free time in life doing something that is annoying…i already have a job :)

So…change modes, change game…be happy.

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Still just a “cool story bro” - you actually have zero idea of their specific motivation and are literally making it up to make yourself angry.

You could equally make up some other story to not make yourself angry, and then not be angry.

It is entirely your own choice.

I really don’t expect you to have an epiphany about this tho’ - blaming everyone else and getting angry at them for your made up story is entirely typical.

Indeed - far too many people seem to for get that it actually is “just a game”

Side note…i also stopped chasing quests and battlepass…

I now play the country i want in the BR i want…much less pressure and i can actually enjoy battles. I am slowly advancing…but much better than chasing quests and be irritated when i fail…


It wasn’t a made up story, it actually happened. How would you classify ignoring teammates, working against them and then mocking them? I may have a screenshot of the game rewards since I was tracking them and I’ll see if I can find it and send you the replay.

As I predicted - you awareness of your own decision making is non-existent

The allmighty snail is everything! It doesn’t matter being upset

Something I gotta add is that it just feels like more and more people these days are just complete assholes for just the sake of being assholes.

If you’re having a bat time, don’t keep playing it.

In PVP games, there will always be a frustrated loser and an ecstatic winner.

How are you getting on now a month after your OP?

That is interesting. I’ve been thinking about doing the same.I got the Russian Object at 6.7 for free a while ago and I was trying to get the Italian SP truck.I am just getting tasks that I have no real hand in when it comes to doing them so I either waste SL trying to buy a 20 kill streak or just hitting pot luck.I play 1-6 BR so being forced to stay in Tier 3 is a pain and I find I play for the BP rather than my team.They have one agenda and I have another.
I think if you so desperately want a vehicle then buy BP ,get the head start and don’t worry.Interesting to see somebody else with the same idea and an interesting point for the OP.
Set your self a task of what you want to achieve out there and don’t let anybody stop
you or tell you you can’t.
I think in terms of getting good quick it has to be a clan or squad as all the top players seem to be in one.I would be interested to know how being in a squadron helped with development and enjoyment.

Many great suggestions here. The economy of the game is such that it promotes toxic and selfish behavior, simple as that. All kinds of examples of how this could be changed, like not rewarding steals or rams and further bumping rewards for assists, etc (ie cooperative behavior). Alas… I won’t hold my breath there - fundamentally the “grind” mentality is at fault.

So the answer for me is simply: don’t grind. I typically play only a few games at my top BR and the rest at a BR where I can be more successful, ie I know the planes and am better matched to the skill level of my opponents, barring low-tier bullies. And while I certainly have games where I focus on earning points & SL I try to have quite a few where I focus on supporting my team mates - getting ground targets and flying cover for bombers. In those cases it doesn’t matter to me if I come in 10th place - I had fun.

New and higher BR vehicles don’t really do much at the end of the day for your level of enjoyment if you are not competitive. Good to learn and push yourself and of course I love big guns and faster planes but they will come in time. The faster you grind the more you outpace your ability to be successful at a certain BR, leading to frustration. From what I’ve observed this applies to all levels of experience. I often have quite a few planes I’ve researched but don’t buy and just stick with a tier for a long time, getting to know the planes and how best to use them - only picking up those planes when I feel ready to dip into the higher BR.


Just treat the game as the joke it is, there is just a series of random events consisting of asshattery and f***kwittery which have no connection to reality or reason. If the game had players jousting with elephants on the backs of rainbow trout it would be just as believable as it is in its current iteration.
Never ever take it seriously as a skilled game, just pop in dick around for a bit, buy lots of in game tat and leave, it is what the company wants to keep the queue and game times short and increases their revenue.

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