How can I not get upset at the game?

I have been running into an issue where I want to play war thunder but I keep getting mad cause of some instant that probably should have not happened or some play by someone that shouldn’t have worked but it does and I paid for it. I am just wondering what other players do when you get to the point where you want to play the game, but the game doesn’t want you to play.


It took you 32K games to notice and get to that point? lol
As a FTPer, I run into this all the time. The whole repairs thing when you are trying to grind or accomplish a task with a specific vehicle is a prime one.
“Oh, you aren’t going to let me play the vehicle I want without paying some arbitrary fee? Well FU and Alt+F4.”
Then there is just the old fashioned mediocre player experience, the buggy game, getting killed from across the map, etc.
I am amazed that this game appeals to anyone who isn’t a military history buff.


Go and do something else for a while.

WT isn’t all there is in the world!!


Now I didn’t just notice it at 32k games. I am just kind of curious on how others handle the game when it gets annoying to play. I just kind of messed around with wording cause I never go on these forums until recent. So you never know what is acceptable by chat mods and what isn’t since it feels like these forums are like a carbon copy of reddit forums.

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I have been doing other things from time to time but war thunder has that drug style allure that just pulls you in when you sink in enough time. It isn’t like a strong urge to play it but when you have nothing else it just seems to be there.


From my pov the main advantage of experienced players vs rookies is that they are fully aware of intended or unintended flaws and weaknesses within the game and are able to find their personal sweet spots which allows them to have fun despite all obstacles as they are able to find workarounds for them…

Long term players are either totally addicted or driven by individual goals. In both cases it makes sense to take a break from time to time. If that is not possible - simply reducing the activity to daily logins or just 2-4 matches to fulfil daily tasks are suited to restore the fun.

Have a good one!


The game pissed me off all the time not gonna lie and not gonna pretend that it doesn’t happen to me, sometimes I got to a point where I J out in the middle of a winning match when teammates keep shooting me leaving spawn trying to annoy me for god knows what reason. Well, think of it this way, you had a good time = other players had a bad time, repeatedly dying without kills is annoying, but when I had a good time having 8 kills with 0 death, others will have a bad time at the expense of me having a good time.

Also air RB, bombers class in general, too many ass sniffers that took me out 1 sec before I could drop my first bomb lol goddamn bro that’s annoying


Despite i play Air RB only - same issue in Air RB.
I see very often the MM trying its best to avoid fun.
I had yesterday a 14 match win-strike (not really unusual) with some really good and very close matches and all of a sudden my next team gets as smart as my toaster, dying brainless - no strategy, tactics, nothing. There nothing you can do 1 vs 6-8 enemies even if they are just average, you either get killed just by numbers or you land and j out…
Annoying - the MM caught me.
The next 2 matches the same, even with switching planes, BR and server. So i decided to call it a day…


Well , I play some more. Maybe in another TT and/or BR.
But I’m an idiot, and the correct answer is: take a break and do something in RL.

For me, the simplest and most complete answer is, to keep remembering the following facts:

  • this is a game, it is supposed to be FUN
  • I can stop any time, if it is no longer fun
  • It is made by humans, and game mechanics are not necessarily always fair, because, humans! ( I am playing mostly Brit props. And I love the Spitfire. And yes, I know the situations and the opponents you just can’t win against. And if I see players who jump on the plane giving them the most bonuses, so they can win the easiest? Well, these players seem to need those bonuses… because losing would hurt their fragile egos maybe? Poor lads. )
  • the worst thing an annoying other player can do to me, is make me lose a match. ( I am premium, so I have no loss if that happens. Just in the worst case, 30 mins tops wasted, likely TK etc happens much earlier. And in most cases, you get to laugh at their pathetic and childish behaviour, and get to ridicule them. And if it gets altogether too much, I try a different BR or nation or plane category.)
  • no grind is worth it, if it is no fun. ( I am happy to grind along a battle pass or the like, and it feels actually challenging to try out different modes, like I don’t usually do strike aircrafts much, but sort of had to go along to do the battle pass tasks, if I faced them as a challenge, to get me out of my comfort zone. )

And if possible, remember to quit for the day after a particularly well fought battle, so you can turn your face to the real life, knowing you just won against bad odds, or turned the tide single-handedly, or even gave the other side a battle they will remember, even if you lost.

Because - this is supposed to be fun.

Oh, YMMV, as the rogue colonists say.

Etaski, over and out.


I personally don’t think I haven’t really ‘not’ had fun outside of when I was playing one vehicle constantly to grind some ultra specific goal I set (happened for the Yak-141 and MiG-29/M2K grind for me) and got bored of the monotony.

Some tips? I can say from watching other people get annoyed over the game:

  1. CAS is just a part of ground, it just happens sometimes.
    Someone I know is absolutely mental over CAS and basically goes full mental when he dies to one or even sees the mention of one - and I honestly can’t say I agree with him. For me, if I trade with a CAS plane I often see it as a win, especially if I get kill credit on someone trying to (or succeeding at) suiciding on me, since it’s a minimum ~480SP trade for usually a 150-300SP spawn at worst and at max can even be a 1000 SP trade for something as low as 90-120 SP. I usually don’t care much for revenge bombings and I don’t think I’ve ever really cared about ‘who’ killed me compared to ‘what killed me and where is it’.

Also just a caviat that I don’t seem to experience much revenge bombing to begin with - I think it’s a combination of my flank-heavy mobile playstyle that switches up where I am constantly, as well as my taking potshots-at-anything-flying nature usually ending up in that plane dying to me or a teammate fairly quickly anyways.

On another note would be the economy - which I frankly can’t say I also had any issues with even back before I had any premiums or premium account around 2019 playing 7.3 DE with a total lineup repair of over 70-80k SL, and with the recent buffs I don’t think it should be causing major migranes to people anymore for air and ground at the very least.

For long range sniping I usually just look around a lot and advance after I’ve checked all the common spots on the map that people shoot you from to shoot them back - player prediction lets you get ahead of a lot of less experienced players and at least for me decreases the instances I’ve randomly died crossmap since I either A) took the time to look over to see if it’s safe or B) Saw a teammate die to that sniper and shot back at him to kill it

Overall though if your goal is to get to top tier (or to grind a top tier) it can get a bit monotonous just playing the same thing for a while, and just switching up what you play also worked fine for me. Sorry that this is a bit of vague advice that doesn’t conform exactly to what you asked for, because I don’t think a lot of frustrating things that other people get annoyed with affect me nearly as much as others. I just kind of say…“well ok that’s bull” and just move on to either get my counter-pick vehicle or just continue on as if nothing happened because at the end of the day I’m playing to get my team to victory and if I gave up midway I’d be letting other people down.

Just gonna say, that reddit feel has come here since the forum reset…

A LOT of ‘fresh’ users here have no idea of what is acceptable, doesn’t mean this is what the forums are.

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Basically what I do when I get frustrated with Warthunder.

  • Play Custom: This is the best way to relax while playing Warthunder.
  • Playing Low-tier: Rank 1 makes me forget about everything. Play with your instincts. BTW, my must is the T-35.
  • Play on the WT-wiki random page: This page is a link that shows random units, and I love to play on randomly selected vehicles. It’s refreshing to get a chance to play in an vehicle I wouldn’t normally ride in.
  • Writing suggestions: This is a personal thing, but the feeling of accomplishment after completing a suggestion is a good one. I feel like I’m done and ready to play the game.

  • Watch NetFlix: Warthunder is not everything in life.

When you notice you’re starting to get frustrated don’t continue playing, it will only make things worse, go have fun in low tier or do something else until you decide to play again


Do them more often - get another hobby!!

Or at least another game🤣

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Oct 15

I have been running into an issue where I want to play war thunder but I keep getting mad cause of some instant that probably should have not happened or some play by someone that shouldn’t have worked but it does and I paid for it. I am just wondering what other players do when you get to the point where you want to play the game, but the game doesn’t want you to play.

Here’s a few sanity tips for this game,

#1 Don’t expect it to make sense or be remotely balanced.

#2 Learn to deal with or ignore the obvious bias issues it’s riddled with.

#3 Avoid the higher BR’s ranges if you aren’t a flyer , anything over BR 7 and the air spam gets silly if you are a ground player. Many find BR 4.0 to BR 6.0 to be the sweet spot for just having fun. You can really build up the silver lion bank this way fast once you find your groove.

#4 Find a nation or 3 and just play them regular, you actually get better at the game overall and learn a lot you miss doing the tree climb grind chasing the next new thing.

#5 Pick the time of day you chose to play, some areas of the world are online in force I don’t bother, tactics and play styles can be very cut throat for the causal player who just wants to have a good time.

Lastly if you suspect some players are just a little too good for natural talent you are probably right, drop out, change nations or game mode. No sense getting frustrated over it, it’s just a game.

Don’t hang out or listen to those who are only talking about the game being the issue, and that it’s all to do with silliness… They’re only reinforcing thier own excuses as to why the game isn’t for them.

Buy $70 vehicle, and all of your dreams will come true. 😏

Once you finally understand that the game and its toxic players actively work against you it becomes much easier to deal with. I’ve had numerous games where players actively block me from taking shots, steal kills or steal bases and I end up with zero score or negative score. When you call them out you get a “lol git gud” as a response.


you understand that you and he are both players of the game…??

I can think of 1 or 2 such encounters in almost 40,000 games…

Most likely they don’t actually know you exist and the toxicity is entirely from you ascribing bad motives…

That must take quite some effort - I don’t think I’ve ever managed a negative score in almost 7 years…

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