How can a BMP 2 shoot missiles while its gunner and breech are out?

You can’t do that in the Begleitpanzer 57, Once its breech is knocked out, you cannot fire anything, no missiles or cannons. So why is that even possible for a BMP 2. Can someone explain what is going on?

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Bussian Rias.


BMP missiles are operated by commander and shot from a launchers it does not need breech to shoot them

Yea that doesn’t really make any sense. I get the commander has the ability to shoot if the gunner is dead, and when I asked AI (because it’s not really easy to find these specifics of a vehicle) it literally says “In the standard configuration of the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, the commander seat does not have the ability to directly operate or fire the anti-tank guided missiles from their commander seat, the gunner operates the ATGM launcher, and the commander seat is not equipped for direct Missile firing.” So, clearly gajin needs to change something.

You can fire missiles while your breach is broken in a Begleit though?

I have saved myself plenty of times that way.

Yea maybe that was possible a few updates ago, but as of late, you can’t. My last few matches had proved that consistently.

Honestly irl it would win WW4 with its entire crew dead and still be able to shoot both its Missiles according to some napkins uncle Joe scribbled on

i dont see the issue, even if irl the commander cant operate the missile, there are plenty of ifv in game that cannot operate the atgm from inside or from the gunner position, unlike the bmp2, so if those can operate without the commander, the bmp2 should be able do it with just the commander.