How are these scores almost the same?


I feel a little undervalued

Waht were the kills? how much did each player get shot at? How long was each player active?

Plus other stuff…

No, this is not included in battle score. You get RP after the battle for activity time.
He just might have done more hits but also he got points for 2 deaths and 1 zone captured.
He could also destroy vehicles with a 1.0 BR higher and got more points.

Whatever - the point is there is a heap of stuff that inputs into scores.


As far as I understand activity: its how long a part of the match’s duration you played, or am I worng?

You mean what BR the vehicle was or what type?

How long and what you did in that time. If you were just sitting in bushes, the activity score will be lower.

I see, thanks

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Too many hidden variables to make it an easy visual calculation eg criticals, total hits, partial zone takes, BR differences etc that don’t show up as their own stat in the final score card.

You can upset the stats due to getting a shed full of damage and criticals and playing a team role neutralising the hard targets rather than glory hunt of racking up easy kills.

Because the guy capped one zone, and he died two times, dying gives you some points, and capping gives you roughly 400 points or so.

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