How about instead of making maps smaller, focus on bigger problems which causes spawn killing?

But then they won’t be randomized. Even if it’s a subset of spawns, you’re still going to have a defined set of positions you will know the enemy can spawn in. It won’t take long to figure out which ones are active that game and set up spawncamping.

Not to mention that some spawns will inherently be better than others. Via being closer to objectives, or have more favorable cover, road access to a point, etc. Which just adds another element of RNG as to which team gets the better spawns.

Unless you’re proposing something like 6 active spawns that you can choose between at all times. Which might help, but it would take a huge amount of effort to make 6 effective, safe, and roughly balanced spawn areas for each team on each map. I’d rather that effort just be put into designing better maps that have fewer, but much more robustly protected spawns.

Like I’ve said, even adding tiny bit of randomization would be enough to give team a chance to fight back.

I am sorry, but how is this different to current meta? Maps are not balanced at all. How can you even talk about balance of spawns, when Gaijin decided that having a map where one side has to play facing the sun is somehow fair, lol.

How that would help against Spawn pushing? What protects them has as much potential to be abused by attackers to wait out spawn protections and stuff. Safe spawns, great. Have fun getting out though when enemy knows exactly where you are.

Also Gaijin cannot design maps for competitive play. I thought it should be clear by now for everybody.

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War Thunder’s maps are too small for high tier. This causes spawns to be overrun before players have brought out their second tank.