How about improving the system of efficient research?

Warthunder has a system that provides a 1.xx RP compensation for aircraft connected in a tree.
This system allows you to research more efficiently than using other aircraft by actively using the aircraft connected in the tree. This is a very interesting and nice system.
However, the increase in tiers has led to the existence of tiers where no aircraft exist.

For example, TornadADV is corrected by 110% by Lightning.
However, since the ADV’s tier is VIII and the Lightning’s tier is VI, there is a -60% correction and the 110% correction has almost no effect.

The worst example is the German Gina and Tornado, which are far from “efficient” since there is a Tier 3 difference between them.

I believe that the correction value for tier is necessary (otherwise we would be able to research Gen4 fighters with biplanes XD), but wouldn’t it be good to apply a special correction to such an efficient research target that does not have a correction value working on it?
For example, in the case of the Lightning mentioned earlier, how about applying a special correction value so that the ADV can be studied at 90% efficiency?
I believe there will be more trees in the future where such an efficient aircraft does not exist. (F-111 being implemented after F-105, etc.)