How about adding camo nets and turn tanks into artillery

Ant-CAS camo nets for your beloved camper.

Pros, conceal your tank from the air, comes in 3 delicious flavours. Green, brown and white

Cons, takes time to set up and take down preventing you from moving while in use and makes permanently visable on mini map if spoted by scout or receive fire.

Edit: or you turn into artillery. Make it a researchable module

would be unrealistic.
camo nets on MBT’s are usually applied.
what you are talking about is stationary camouflage. like we have on that new map with the Blimp/Cargo plane crashed in the middle

Im talking about when your camping say an ambush spot, you can apply camo net which takes time to apply and you cant move just like when you repair, but if a scout spots you, you stay visible on mini map

What are you on about unrealistic there used all the time in rl. There even modeld on the centurian mk3

no that benefits ground players too much, cas players need a buff

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I dont know what game your playing but its definitely not WT

i shouldve added a /s

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I can imagine CAS players who cant tank to take out flankers and campers will be scoffing at this idea, but like i said the cons to it is if spoted will remain visible on mini map