Hope the next event ground vehicle is something worthy

Title is self explanatory, I really didn’t liked the last events on this new format, so far the only decent was the Call of the Dragon (Object 292).

Then we got Sword of Justice (Jaguar IS), Imperial Flagship (SMS Baden), Inferno Cannon (PLZ83-130), Legend of Victory (Eremin’s Yak-3), which honestly, the last one I think only worth the music box, Gramophone that actually plays a song.

Now the Operation Overlord with that Churchill III AVRE, I mean, fine, it’s rank II premium, can be used in others events but, does the 35,000 match points worth the time?

We could have more cooler vehicles like:

Franco-german Spähpanzer 1C

Swedish Stridsvagn 2000

Swedish Udes 15/16, peak

Russo-soviet Object 299

Iraqis T-55 Enigma

Egyptian T-34-122 SPG

American XM551 Test Bed

American T37 Light Tank

Swedish Udes XX20

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You notice most of these are copypaste or similiar to other vehicles in ways that would make them easier to ctrv+c/ctrv+v and do some edits? You ever notice like 40-60% of every patch for the last 2 years has been copypaste? They’re just not willing to actually put in the resources to develop new vehicles anymore at the rate they once did and instead opt for easy copypaste.

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Swedish Strv 2k in my dreams only. Sadly never built. Better option would the the UDES XX-20, as it was actually built.


Low profile, remote 10.5cm gun turret, articulated firepower, and decent mobility.

As cool as the UDES 15/16 is, it’s not only also not built, but had no realistic chance of production, and is only possibly portrayed as a Franken tank, with random different vehicle parts used for it, like WoT.

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Only 2 of them are even remotely copy & paste parts, 1 is completely. The XM551 (Sheridan) test bed is the M41 Walker Bulldog hull, 152mm gun/launcher turret on the XM551 Sheridan. The T-34-122 is partial, only the hull being copied. The T-37 lastly, looks like a modified M47 Patton hull, but that’s arguable, turret are new for the last two I mentioned…

Taking a longer look at the T-37, it looks like a modified walker bulldog hull (M41) with and extra micro-road wheel/tensioner like on the M-47.

I was not talking about his suggestions

XM551 Test Bed uses a M81E1, earlier version if I’m not wrong, just like Obect 292 doesn’t have coaxial and the electronic optics is absent.

T-34-122 is just that, the turret,

T37 Light Tank is something between the M24 Chaffee and M41 Walker Bulldog, but with something special:


A autoloading system

And they’re,

In the last major update except for naval, there’s not a single original vehicle, I mean, something really different from some T-80U modification or Leopard 2A7 with a .50 remote controlled machine gun.

The XM800T is, essentially a Wiesel 1A4. Weak cannon but fast moving. Namer I can’t say much because I don’t know about this specific vehicle. But seems to be a auto cannon in a slow moving platform with Spike missiles,

Huge addition to Israeli tech-tree but mediocre in general, armor is missing and that one if I’m not wrong with the skeletal structure is the earliest version, the latest features a fully structured turret.

But if I apply this same perspective to all vehicles I listed, they would fall in the same situation of what I’ve said before. And even worse for the T-34-122 and XM551 Test Bed.

Would make sense of the turret width then.

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