Holidays sale question - VRCC or OF-40 MTCA for Italy?

Was wondering which of these two to buy during the holiday sales, which is the better deal as a grinder and in terms of overall performance?


Will go with OF-40, thanks to those who stopped by to help.

the realy right answer to that would be both, since you need a line up for ground.
If its one propably the VRCC, its a quite good premium for italy, that being said dunno about arcade

VRCC>OF40, better thermals, better shell, it is faster

Both are quite good, though I recommend to test drive them and look which one is more comfortable for you. My choice would probably be VRCC, since it has thermals and DM33, plus I like to use scouting for easier access to CAS, on the other hand MTCA is more of a classic MBT, which is also placed at lower br.
PS I am waiting for a new premium, maybe some Ariete variant, wouldn’t be that bad if they fix armor to withstand 3BM42 by turret cheecks at least (even with just WAR).

I would say the VRCC, it has the best kit for a sub-10.0 wheeled TD, but I highly doubt it is getting discounted this sale - it has been last one. It also helps to get into the brainset of higher tier Italy.
If anything, the MTCA is not to shabby as well.

I would get OF-40 MTCA. Used to be my favourite high tier premium and the most fun tank in my opinion, I used it to basically grind the entire italian tree(at the time when top BR was 11.3). It has great mobility, a very fast turret and it doesn’t carry ammo on the turret so it has very good survivability even compared to similar MBTs.
I play Arcade only, no need for thermals since anyone can see your marker, and I also wouldn’t trade the mobility of a tracked tank to the speed of a wheeled one that can’t turn on the spot.

I’m aware one needs a lineup and not a single vehicle, but one also needs to unlock said lineup first. :)

I too look forward to new high-era premiums for Italy (and Japan and France too), the current selection is a bit lacking.