Ho Ri, this car doesn't exist

The Ho-Ri prototype does not exist in reality, and there is even no prototype car.So it should be deleted directly and given as compensation to other vehicles.

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ah yes lets delete it and japan will have no lineup + huge gap


It may be possible to replace the Ho-Ri if the documents for the O-I heavy tank(ă‚Șă‚€è»Š) are made public and available to WT.
However, this documents is only available at one model company in Japan and they are cooperating with WOT, so unless DMM convinces the model company or BVV tries to honey trap the model company, we will not be able to get the documents.

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Though that would not fill the gap for a TD being removed. Heavy 6 should have been kept as a GE vehicle and never syphoned off to the Marketplace (though that just adds a 5.7 tank, a great one of course).

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Yes, that is correct.
However, there is no other vehicle (TD) that could replace the Ho-Ri, so this was the only option I could think of, considering the vehicles of the Japanese Imperial Army.
I know this is a bit of a cop-out, but I should have done a little more historical research prior to implementation.
As was the case with the J6K1 (another weapon for which only a mock-up existed and which did not meet the requirements for implementation), Japanese vehicles are often not well-researched historically.