Ho Ri, this car doesn't exist

The Ho-Ri prototype does not exist in reality, and there is even no prototype car.So it should be deleted directly and given as compensation to other vehicles.


ah yes lets delete it and japan will have no lineup + huge gap


It may be possible to replace the Ho-Ri if the documents for the O-I heavy tank(オイ車) are made public and available to WT.
However, this documents is only available at one model company in Japan and they are cooperating with WOT, so unless DMM convinces the model company or BVV tries to honey trap the model company, we will not be able to get the documents.

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Though that would not fill the gap for a TD being removed. Heavy 6 should have been kept as a GE vehicle and never syphoned off to the Marketplace (though that just adds a 5.7 tank, a great one of course).


Yes, that is correct.
However, there is no other vehicle (TD) that could replace the Ho-Ri, so this was the only option I could think of, considering the vehicles of the Japanese Imperial Army.
I know this is a bit of a cop-out, but I should have done a little more historical research prior to implementation.
As was the case with the J6K1 (another weapon for which only a mock-up existed and which did not meet the requirements for implementation), Japanese vehicles are often not well-researched historically.

Do you suffer from brain damage by any chance?

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You necro’d a 5 month old thread to say this? Might need to look in the mirror my guy.


I got time mate

1: The vehicle was already in production some sources claim, some also claim a single hull was made from one of the Chi-Ri prototypes. Into a superstructure, 2 the gun was already in its testing phase for the vehicle likely done as well. Pretty much all the parts were available only thing needed was putting it together. Also, The Ho-Ri is not a car. However, you’re using a translator so I’m not questioning it.

I thought the Prototype one was, as another user said, partially built or fully built as a mockup. The Production is just as BS as the Panther II.

However, I think that both should stay in, as their capabilities are not matched by anything similar in the tech tree. We don’t need more “grandfathered-in” veteran advantages akin to the difference between the KT105 and KTH or Panther II and Panther F or Coelian and Ostwind II.

An wooden mock up was made for it.

“Japanese Ferdinand” yet ferdinand is allot better, this thing needs to go back to 6.0

The interpretation of the Type-5 Ho-Ri Production isn’t too far from what it may look like in real life.
Compared to the Prototype the Production has fewer smooth corners. Similar to the Type-4 Chi-To Production and the Type-5 Chi-Ri II. Call it how you want, but it isn’t too far from the original design.

For the Oswind II irl would have been just 2 guns mounted on one another with a single welded piece of metal. However, this may also be very false since the Oswind II is very very obscure and lacks a lot of evidence aside from it being stated that there was one built or a few (Unknown). Take all of this with a grain of salt.