Ho-ri removal

When will be removed the Ho-Ri prototype and production? Which other vehicle could be removal too?

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Ho-ri was never built, and the wooden model is supposedly fake


The mockup was real, but pursuit of that design does not appear to have been done. The vehicle did appear to undergo partial construction as components such as the gun were made, and production records state something to the effect of 5 Ho-Ri at 50% completion by the war’s end, however, it is highly unlikely it ever was to resemble the in-game Ho-Ri prototype, and moreover, the Ho-Ri production doesn’t really make any sense as a vehicle.

Aizenns made an excellent thread on the old forums suggesting an amelioration of the in-game Ho-Ri, and in doing so also provides an excellent breakdown of the history of the vehicle as well as why the ultimately selected design was highly likely to not be one with a sloped UFP.

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What does it matter, this is a game and not a Simulator. Keep your historical accurracist paws off our tanks!

Speaking personally, I wouldn’t be against seeing an adjustment or replacement of the Ho-Ri, either the premium or the tech tree, with the historically more probable design, as it did in the plans have provisions for a deck-mounted twin 20mm AA gun, which could be an interesting way to bridge the AA gap around the 6.0-ish BR range (the notable reduction in armor efficiency would of course reasonably lower its BR somewhat as well).

Overall I’d probably elect to replace the Ho-Ri production in the tech tree as it’s the greater offender, probably leaving it to the same fate as the Tiger 105, Panther II, and Coelian. There’s not necessarily a perfect swap of the Ho-Ri production’s gameplay options, but it would offer an additional and unique gameplay asset on the table, while also somewhat rectifying the most ahistorical vehicle on the Japanese tree.

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You are flipping every switch/table in my head right now. So I just say politely that I totally and unshakeably dissagree with any form of replacement and removal. This ruins my whole WT experience, there is always some sword of Damocles above us, that some accurracists put there. Why even bother playing when some offended simmers can just have the coolest vehicles banned for everyone? The new German TT already makes me wanna throw up every single time I see it or play Germany. I had to waste something like 10k of GE just to get some RP on the first R2Y2 because it is oppressed by accuracists, and currently I am just rushing to the Ho-Ri, the prem Prot needs buying as well.

This is so toxic and stressful and fills my TT’s with vehicles I never touched, because I need to save that specific vehicle/s atleast for myself from accurracist intolerance. I am feeling forced to play, and it feels more like a desperate fight than a joy.

And even if I can get the vehicle/s in time and become an exclusionist myself sadly, what does it matter? Gaijin proved with the Premium CV that they can just take away our stuff and replace it with some imposter/Wechselbalg vehicle. I do not feel save in WT. I fear for every single vehicle that I have and have not.

That’s fair as well, I don’t mean to necessarily intrude upon the entertainment and gameplay options of already present vehicles mind you, as that’s always going to be a bit of a balancing act between gameplay and the authenticity of the experience.

I do agree that there is a level of loss of potential in terms of gameplay avenues through the adherence to a desired standard of vehicle completion/historicity, although I’d make the case that even ignoring a removal I would consider the idea of a Ho-Ri with flat armor and a twin 20mm AA gun a fun vehicle, while also being a somewhat more historically authentic selection, that said, I also understand why some players may wish to maintain the existing status quo with the tree.

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