Ho-ri Prototype

Hello, I have a question whether it is worth buying it on sale in December,and isn’t it a weak tank?

I don’t have it, but I’ve heard that it’s pretty good for what it is. It isn’t very strong, but it’s still good.
There’s weak points for it, but it has a good gun, decent front armor, and gun depression.

Its very overtiered, basically a 6.0 material at 6.7
the casemate armor is not thick enough to stop most things you face at only 120mm on the sides, the gun has OK flat pen but will struggle with angled armor and 7.3/7.7 heavy tanks and mobility is just meh

I don’t have it, but comparing the stats, the production version is way better even at 7.3 which is what I use. Better armor, mobility, and reload speed/pen than the premium. Slight angle is your friend.

If you’re planning on moving up through the BRs maybe look at the Type 16 instead if it’s on sale.

I only have Egels

It’s up to you then. Personally I would spend the Eagles on something else. You’ll find the Production is more than good enough in the right battles.

Japan is one of the nations where the premiums aren’t very good. So it’s up to you if you want to grind them out and if you want to buy a premium for it.
The Chi Nu II is probably as good as you’ll get. Ho Ri isn’t great, but it does it’s job. Otherwise there’s really nothing good available for GE.