Ho ri Prototype or Type 74(G)?

Yes type 74 g looks better but I hardly have fun in 8.3 br with leopard and m48a2 g2, some people say that 9.3br is keep fighting with higher brs also very hard and annoying to grind.

I want to grind japan to rank V. Becouse of stabilized leopard 1( stb2/type 74c) I dont wanna grind more than that becouse I dont wanna keep sweating playing this game. But Cant be sure, I was gonna actually quit in 8.0 br.

Anyways, should I get type 74 or ho ri prototype?

Japan is in a bad place at 9.3… the Type 74 G is okay but it’s not fast, not armored and really has nothing going for it, it’s just a very mediocre vehicle with access to Gen 1 thermals, which for some reason is locked behind a paywall despite 3 more Type 74s being in the TT, so rather questionable monetization, and it does push the Type 74 to 9.3 where it does face continuous uptiers to 10.3 and 10.0, as high as 80% of the time.

With the inconsiderate release of the Object 292 you can guarantee that problem has gotten even worse with pretty much permanent uptiers, and the rest of your lineup are more Type 74s so 10.3 without thermals, mediocre tank, a Type 16 that has a nerfed APFSDS shell with lackluster performance on an unarmored vehicle with really not very impressive mobility.

Type 89 which has been nerfed 20 times over and every bit of fun is sucked out of it.

Type 87 RCV is a complete joke at 9.0 as well.

And then you get a Type 93 that seemingly has been shadow nerfed and lost it’s Gen 3 thermals for no obvious reasons nor explanation.


both are really good, get em both.

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Sounds like you’re not interested in the BR of the Type 74 (G) anyways, so the Ho-Ri suits you better.

Plus you get some additional vehicles for your lineup much sooner, and when you do it’s very good. Japan in 6.7 has a very good lineup. Meanwhile 9.3 is a bit problematic currently, especially with the Obj 292s you’ll see a lot of uptiers.

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I dont run a money factory dude

well dont buy at same time, i just mean in general they are both good and worthwhile buying and playing.

Thanks for the explaining. Also do you think stb2 and type 74c is worth to grind?

I’d honestly wait and see what comes next patch as everyone is hoping for a Type 90 premium as currently Japan have no tier 7s yet while every other major nation as 2 or 3 even though you only want tier V it doesn’t hurt to spent the extra 10 or 20 and go right to the top and one day you might want to saves money in the future

I had fun playing them. Good mobility, stabilizers, good turret armor and while the hull armor is weak the adjustable suspension makes it easy to hide that weakness.

STB-2 did lose the HEAT, but I usually avoid HEAT at all costs either way since it usually gets me killed by detonating on fences or grass. The APDS is fine, just remember to shoot modules like gunner/commander or the gun breech first since the low post pen will likely require you to fire a follow up shot.

Type 74 does get the HEAT, so if you prefer that you can use it and I’d recommend at least taking a few for tougher targets.

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yess but like he rudely said, he is not a money factory.
Give diff response

He asked about STB-2 and Type 74 (C). I didn’t mean the Type 74 (G)

wasn’t a criticism of you bud.

Ho-Ri Prototype. Has promising results within it’s Br. Even the Production version does incredibly well. I didn’t play the Prototype enough, but I did a lot for the Production. The mid to low Br is where all the fun is at as well so yea.

STB-2 which is a prototype Type-74 was better at 7.7 however its alright at the BR it is currently. The Type-74C i believe is the earliest Type-74 with HEAT so its decent.

Seen it perform fine at the production’s BR as well.

No idea how the Prototype ended up at 6.7 though and the Production at 7.3 after massive nerf, but I guess the same can be said about the R2Y2s going from 6.7 to 8.0 after being nerfed.

I’ll second the Production. Better armor, great mobility and the gun has great pen. Just be aware of what BR you’re playing as in the uptier the armor doesn’t really help you. But if you get downtiered… that thing can be a menace if played right.

I considered getting the Prototype, but just didn’t see any real benefit to it.

İf someone else is thinking to buy it, I got it and its very very good tank. Never regret it. Sometimes its hard to pen enemies but when it pens, it destroys for good. Front armor is big target and very thick armor survives from almost everything. Enemies think that you are simple armorless tank destroyer and they straight up shoot the front armor wich results nothing. İt is also made good amount silver lion and xp.

I was joking around. But I mean it I cant spend that much on this game. I dont think its worth it.

Yeah in 1 go its maybe a bit much, but in time i would suggest getting both bud.