Ho-Ri Production BR up

I would like to squad up with you some time if you’re up for it btw!

I know what you mean with “storm-mode” is the “assault mode” and I play med and light tanks do. Heavy tanks I tried with Germany and is totally not my thing either.

I don’t compare stats because I was veteran in World of Tanks before decide to make the switch to War Thunder and I know how it feels.

I take that into consideration. I’m social a bit … rusted. We stay in touch for that.

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If you’re having trouble killing it, that’s only because you don’t know where to shoot it. The outer section of the casemate is 200mm flat, there’s nothing at 7.3 that struggles with that. Even the inner sections are only 225mm, that’s not enough to deal with a lot of the bigger guns at the tier. The only armored section is the UFP. So just don’t shoot it there.

Even if you’re in a 6.3 and don’t bring APCR for some reason, you have the option of shooting it in the toe plate and flanking. That toe plate is effectively paper, and the transmission is right behind it. Combine that with the terrible horizontal traverse of the gun, and you can render it harmless by shooting it there and driving a couple of meters to either side.

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dude how many times havent i killed ho ri productions in 6.3 tanks their lack of turret really makes them easy to kill

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No way, don’t increase my baby Ho-Ri lol Just learn where to shoot it and know how to deal with them. I even killed MAUS with Chi-Ri II lol all I did was bully him till i got close enough to pen the top rear of the engine. It’s tall enough to reach that, but requires a lot of critical thinkin and skills. Ho-Ri already facing a lot of tanks that can pen it…