Ho-5 cannons are arguably the worst 20mm i've ever tested

“babe wake up mantis has posted another cope thread” but like in many of the cope threads he’s mostly right. Ho-5 feels more like 50 cals should perform like regardless the belt you’re using (damage wise), i like to call them assist machines because dumping 200 shells on an enemy will not even give you severe damage. I always choose 100 or 50 meters convergence on planes that are used for extremely close up dogfights; my spitfires obliterate with only two hispanos, but the ho-5? four of them within a small spot? they do nothing. Don’t get me started in the excruciatingly low start velocity and huge dropoff plus lack of range. Every other gun in the game is miles better, even british 7.7s.

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How do you hit planes when you have convergance set to 50-100m 😂

For wing guns that’s completely pointless. Every 20mm can easily hit at 300m, even MG FF/Ms or Type 99-1s.

There’s something called protection analaysis, which shows us that the damage of Ho-5s isn’t particular different than other 20mm cannons.


babe wake up mantis has posted another cope thread

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Ho-5s are bad

Sever copium detected. No 12.7mm were harmed in the making of this image.

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i fire them up close since with these kinds of planes i set myself like 20m away from the enemy since wing-mounted guns are quite far apart. Not but on the griffons and sea fury I use 500+ convergence since i use these more energy fight based aircraft on long range attacks.

I tried normal 600m convergence on most of my matches with ki84 and saw the guns not managing to hit anything due to the crazy spread (it’s spaded) and still when making the four cannons point within a small area all i’m getting is hits on people literally flying stalled out in front of me with forty puffs within the center of the engine or wing where i’m aiming at. However these guns are great at killing pilots. Which is not easy since they drop off harder than mk108.

thats sorta the issue. being that up close is really hard to get meaningful shots in. a full deflection shot from about 300-500m is usually your best bet at downing planes when using the japanese TT. also the spots where you can hit from that close is severely limited and targeting the wings from those spots is extremely hard.

The real issue is not Hos themselves, but the fact Shvak is performing way better, while having less explosive mass. And Hispanos and US 20mm and Type 99s are vastly overperforming, same goes for HMGs with explosive bullets. MG151/20 is “only” overperforming. Of course IMO Hos should hit a bit harder anyway. But other 20mms should not be absolutely obliterating their targets.


part of the issue imo with the Ho’s poor damage is their ballistics because of how high their drag is, the energy on target even by an AP round doesnt carry enough to damage spars the same way other 20mms does.

The HE effect is also poor because iirc its only a HEI round with no fragmenting effect and with such a low amount of filler, pure HE effect is just bad compared to something like the Minegshos shells that has much more explosive mass. Though HE damage is pretty weak across the board ever since real shatter anyways

Their drag is miniscule compared to MG151/20.
You should try using German cannons, compared to Shvak and Ho-5 they behave like spitballs.

And every HE shell is in.fact fragmenting. The only one that should produce less fragmentation should be M-geschoss. There’s 0 reasons for Ho-5 HEI to produce less fragments than Shvak’s FI-T.