HN-6 Needs to be fixed

As the title says, the HN-6 needs to be fixed. There is currently an ongoing bug report where the missile’s proximity fuze fails to detonate on targets. I’ve also noticed that the IRCCM does not function at all, and will go after literally anything with a heat signature, that being rockets, AGMs with large motors, flares of only 1.
Here is the bug report for the failure to detonate issue
I do not have a bug report for the IRCCM failing to work.

It would be nice to have this SPAA looked at, as it’s China’s only SPAA between the PGZ09 at 8.3 and the TOR-M1 at 11.7


Before the missile changes it was actually unusable, it would most of the time miss the passively flying planes in test drive. Now it does occacionally hit some unaware plane even in a real game, so I guess things have improved a bit. The IRCCM is definitely still not working at all, probably never has worked.

The fuse though is just a mystery, the game seems to just randomly decide if the missile should explode at all but there’s something wrong with proximity fuses in general


The statcard tells that HN-6 have a VT fuse but seems it never works, why gaijin always forget to fix it?

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