HMS Renown battlecruiser

The British battlecruiser wields 381 mm guns, has perfect mobility and a lethal AA arsenal. Meet one of the best damage dealers in the British lineup!

HMS Renown, battlecruiser, Britain, rank V. Event vehicle.


  • 381mm main guns
  • High speed
  • Multiple AA guns
  • Poor protection

HMS Renown was the lead ship in a series of two Royal Navy battlecruisers armed with 381 mm main guns built at the end of the First World War, during which both ships saw limited use. HMS Renown took an active part in the events of the Second World War: the ship was on missions in the North Sea, and for a long time was engaged in escorting Maltese convoys, provided long-range cover for the Arctic convoys to the USSR and participated in the Allied landings in Africa. While serving in the Indian Ocean, she became the flagship of the Eastern Fleet and took part in attacks on Japanese bases in the Philippines, and at the very end of the war even became the flagship of the home fleet. The cruiser was decommissioned in 1946, and soon after scrapped in 1948.

The battlecruiser Renown will become a new event ship at rank V in the British bluewater fleet tech tree. The high firepower and good cruising performance of the ship are most fully revealed in the attack on enemy positions and the hunt for the most heavily armoured opponents.

The main battery of HMS Renown is six 381 mm guns in three twin-barreled turrets. Two turrets and four of six main guns are located in the fore part of the hull one over another, which means that the ship is perfect for engaging enemy ships along its course, minimising the ship’s profile and dodging enemy shells.

In War Thunder, HMS Renown is presented in the most complete upgrade made in 1944, which means that the outdated auxiliary 102mm guns are replaced by ten twin universal mounts with 114 mm guns. The gun mounts are placed in five on each side of the cruiser and come in handy both against light ships and enemy aircraft.

In general, HMS Renown is one of the most difficult targets in the game for enemy aerial attacks: 114 mm cannons start firing at long distances, the famous British 40 mm “pom-pom” gun mounts join when the target comes closer, followed by single and twin-barreled 20 mm. Oerlikon guns to complete the punishment.

Download Wallpaper:

The powerful arsenal, more than 1400 crew members, as well as torpedoes in stationary torpedo tubes, speeds of more than 30 knots (~ 55 km/h), sounds excellent, doesn't it?

**The ship is modelled for War Thunder in her latest upgrade, with a 229 mm armoured belt, as well as a 102mm armoured deck. The most vulnerable areas of the ship are its main turrets with barbettes, capable of surviving no more than cruiser fire.**


Another even vehicle that should have been in the regular tree… F

I can agree with you only on the basis that renown has more modern refit than its sister ship. I feel that repulse would be more adequate for this event while renown could go to the tree

But at the same time renown is:

  • not just another sap spamming cruiser,
  • not from us and russia,
  • not a sister to ship that we have already in game
    Which makes it unique and interesting thing to pick up
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That’s the issue. She’s TOO unique to be an event vehicle… I agree that Repulse would have been more fitting as an event vehicle.

Well Gaijin’s intentions have worked anyway… I’m fully ready to pay real money for her if I need to…

I am a bit conflicted about her being event ship since she should really be in TT. But at least it isn´t another copypaste cruiser.


The point of event vehicles is they can be unique, tech tree has to be normal and premium has to be normal enough that people dont feel ripped of by spending real money. Event vehicles dont have to be good or useful just interesting and unique

Well no. I’m still traumatized by the EBR fiasco… An event vehicle has to be unique and interesting, but not in a way that takes away from the main TT. This event’s low tier ground reward, or the last crafting event’s AMD 35(SA 35) and QN-506 are good examples of a perfect event reward.

Well it is really up to gaijin when it comes to ships. We arent perma blocked since repulse is still available but then Im waiting for tiger class hms blake, like what, 3 years?

Im happy it is unique and not de grasse since I was pretty sure they would go for it.

Well Repulse and Renown after the latter’s reconstruction are so different they might as well be separate classes or at least a sub class of each other. But I get what you’re saying.

De Grasse might not have been THAT bad as an event vehicle to be honest. Her original design is very similar to the La Galissonieres, and her completed design is very similar to the post-war Colbert. So in either configuration she won’t be taking away that much from the main TT. We can just get more La Galissoniere sisters, as well as the post-war Colbert in the main tree.

I heard some guy saying the Algerie should have been this event’s naval reward LOL. Now that’s a gigantic NO NO.

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@Stona_WT @Smin1080p Please pass to the developers that Renown is CERTAINLY not 7.0 worthy. Her armor is way too thin, her broadside of just six 15" guns can’t match other 7.0s or even some 6.7s, and her ammo racks are way too vulnerable especially with her current wrong draft. She should be 6.7 at the very least, and her draft should be corrected. She should also really have HE-VT for her secondary guns. For Hood there was at least the excuse that she was sunk in 1941, but there’s really no excuse for Renown from 1944 to not have VT shells. We already have two capital ships Alaska and Nevada in the US tree from similar times using HE-VT on their numerous 5-inch secondary guns, so Renown wouldn’t exactly bring anything new or be OP in this regard.

I planned to pay GE to get Renown, but in her current state I simply cannot. I suspect other naval players might be thinking along similar lines…


How the heck did they actually release her in this state and br…

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Just have to say from the point of a fmcouple ganes in it, the armour is not weak. This is very tough, the torpedo bulge just eats everything below the waterline and the internal armour stops most everything else. The down side is the aa and secondaries being un useable unless going broadside and so is the rear turret. Even with full broadside at any range you might get 3 or 4 hits if your lucky at most and thats nothing compared to its peers. Id say 6.7 but the surviveability seems a little to good so far for that too so its a hard one to balance.

Well all I can say that you are lucky. My top score of renownes ammoracked per battle is 3, and yes it was hard, since I had to compete with my teammates who gets them first. Torpedo bulge disappears after first BB salvo and usually it disappears together with ammunition magazine. The ship needs few fixes and/or adjusted BR if we want tk see it being competetive


Your experience is directly contradictory to mine and many others then. She is currently one of the easiest ships to ammo rack in the game, mostly due to the wrong draft and the extremely thin fore and aft bulkheads. Both the turret elevators and the bridge get very easily destroyed as well.

Both survivability and firepower are nowhere near 7.0 worthy. In her current state she’s 6.3 worthy. If her draft gets fixed and the secondaries get HE-VT, then she might become 6.7 worthy.

The players ive been playing with and against have been complaining a lot about how hard they are to kill and for me im dying to very heavy close focus fire by multiple ships for a long time. Not sure why the difference

Well she’s a new vehicle, and I assume it will take some time for some of the less experienced players to learn her weak spots.

She’s very vulnerable to shots around the current waterline, indicating that a draft fix(and a possible armor fix) will actually make her quite a bit more survivable. Still only 6.7 worthy though due to the firepower issues and thin turret/barbette/bridge armor, even compared to the Kongos or Alaska.

I agreed with that already, its not the 8 guns of Hood and requires a broadside to use secondaries andnput out some dpm. 6.7 or 7.0 if current 7.0 was put up to 7.3

Well… unless she gets some massive Buffs/fixes soon, this will be another DOA british addition. Trying to spade her is actually impossible. You get 1 shotted before you can do more than bring your guns round after spawning in.

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This is a massive exaggeration. Its by no means a terrible ship, not perfect and not a game play for everyone but i just cant agree with it being weak and its not the experiemce of my forends who got it either when i asked them how they were finding it. Im curious what game mode and game play style you have in it?

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NRB and I operate in much the same way I would in the Hood. Due to the 15 inch nerfs I try and close the gap and engage at closer ranges (sub 8-9km) but I keep getting the open water maps. I’ll look across to the other side to find 3-4 Scharnhorst/Kronstadst all aiming and firing at me. Before I can get off more than 2 or 3 salvos, im hit and one shotted. It might be a better close in brawler, but I never get the chance.

I suspect half the issue is im stock, and like the Hood, ACE crew is probably required. But even vs Heavy cruisers I seem to take a hell of a lot of damage and I just can’t ever seem to dish out that much in return. Again though. Maybe only 1/3 of every salvo actually finds its target because of the dispersal at medium to long range

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