HMS Iron Duke - Frigate (Refit 2022)

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Greetings there !!

Today i would like to suggest in adding the Type 23 Frigate HMS Iron Duke pacifically in her 2022 Refit version into the game as a possible tier 7/8 ??

So HMS Iron Duke is a Type 23 multi-purpose combat frigate in the royal navy. The Type 23 frigates were designed to be anti submarine frigate’s to counter the Russian nuclear submarines threat. But with lessons being learned from the 1982 Falklands war they added the VLSW (Vertical launched sea wolf) missile system which allowed the ship to deal with aircraft and other threats. But with the VLSW (Vertical launched Sea Wolf) , harpoon anti ship missile’s and it’s 4.5ich gun it evolved from just being an anti submarine frigate into a general purpose frigate. Originally there were 16 Type 23 frigates built, 13 for the royal navy and 3 for chilean navy. But currently as of August 2023 there is 11 Type 23 frigates in active service with the royal navy with 2 being laid up and 1 being decommissioned. which was formerly known as HMS Monmouth which was decommissioned on 30th June 2021.

(Decommissioned HMS Monmouth)

So HMS Iron Duke was first ordered in July 1988 and was constructed by yarrow’s shipbuilders in Glasgow, she was first laid down on the 12th of December 1988 and was then launched on 2nd march 1991 and commissioned just over 2 months later in may 1991. she is named after the 1st duke of wellington who’s nickname was the iron duke. HMS Iron Duke is the 5th ship of the Duke class type 23 frigates to have been launched. HMS Iron Duke is also the third royal navy ship to bear the name Iron Duke.

(HMS Iron Duke firing a harpoon anti ship missile date unknown)

So here are a few interesting facts about HMS Iron duke. Back in June 2008 Prince William served on her for a total of 5 weeks with the rank of sub lieutenant. Another interesting fact is that on the 28th of June 2017 HMS iron Duke provided escort to HMS queen Elizabeth on her first days of sea trail’s just off the north-east coast of Scotland. And as of the 22nd of September 2023 while docked in bordeaux, HMS Iron Duke was visited by his majesty King Charles the lll, while he was on a state visit to bordeaux, Frances.

(HMS Queen Elizabeth , HMS Sutherland and HMS Iron Duke - builder trails 2017)

HMS Iron Duke identification.

Pennant number - F234

Motto - Fortune is the companion of valour.

So HMS Iron Duke started her major refit back in 2019 which includes upgrades to sensors and machinery a Hull survey and repair. She would also receive a comprehensive modernization package include installing the Sea Ceptor next-generation, ship-based, all-weather, air defence weapon system and the artisan 3D radar. she will also be receiving brand new diesel generators and brand new diesel engines. She is due to complete her refit by 2022.

But as of April 2022 she was put back in the water to go through her final stage of her major refit.

(HMS Iron Duke re floated for the first time since 2019)

But as of August 2023 she has fully completed her major refit and is currently going throw trails before being accepted back into Royal navy services.

HMS Iron Duke Frigate Specifications (Refit 2022)

Displacement - 4900 tons

length - 133 meters

Beam - 16.1 meters

Draught - 7.3 meters

Propulsion - 4× MTU 20V-4000 M53B Diesel Engine

Speed - 39.6 mph

Range - 7500 nautical miles

Compliment - 185 to 205

2x Pacific 24 RIBs

she can also carry ether 1x wildcat helicopter are 1x Merlin helicopter

HMS Iron Duke defensive and offensive capabilities.

Electronic warfare and decoys -

. UAF-1 ESM or UAT Mod 1

. Seagnat

. Type 182 towed torpedo decoy

. Surface ship torpedo defense


1 × 32 Cell sea ceptor missile

2 × Quad harpoon Anti ship missile launchers

2 × twin 324mm stingray torpedo tubes

1 × BAE 4.5 inch MK8

2 × 30mm DS30M MK2

2 × mini guns

4 × GPMG ( general purpose machine guns)

An interesting note about HMS Iron Duke is like every other Type 23 Frigates and most other modern warships of the 21st century is that they have a flight deck that is fully capable of carrying helicopters. For an example all the type 23 frigates can land Westland wildcat’s are a Merlin helicopter on them.


The reason that i am mentioning this is that this could be a handy mechanic in the future if naval helicopters get added into game especially into navel battle’s. This would allow the helicopter’s to land on the ships flight deck. For an example they could land on HMS Iron Duke to get repaired and to also reload their weapons rather then flying all the way back to the nearest helipad which would be very time consuming but landing on the ship would also come with it’s risks as well. But I think it would be an interesting mechanic to be added into the game.


I personally would really love to see HMS Iron Duke Frigate in her 2022 refit configuration. And in the game she could come into the game in either 2 configurations, the first being were she would basically be guns and torpedo’s only are she could come into the game in the future were she would have full access to most if not all her capabilities. But any way i would really love to hear everyone’s feed back on HMS Iron Duke in her 2022 refit configuration, and also i am interested if anyone has anymore info, pictures are any story’s on HMS Iron Duke so if you have any of them please do share !!

Best regards - Duckmartin


I served on HMS Montrose in 2020 so I know I am biased but would love to see a Type 23 in the game, here’s some of my pics

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The way I see it, the ship itself would be a great addition, but at this moment only with guns. The Sea Ceptor and Harpoon missiles could be added at a later date, and in my opinion should. In the present meta, however, those missiles simply cannot be added, as they would be leagues ahead of what other nations have. Despite all that, I like the ship and hope she comes soon! +1

It’s too early for it to be in the game, but its cool look is more than enough to convince me.
+1 need more modern warships…

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