HMD does not work on minimum Graphics settings

HMD(helmet-mounted display) does not work with minimum graphics settings

There is a problem that I would like them to fix soon and it is the HMD in the pilot’s helmet does not work with the minimal graphics and old card.
when I want to play Air Simulator Battles and I want to activate the HMD (helmet-mounted display) on the F-16C, MIG-29, etc. It doesn’t work, nor can you see around it. This is serious, since we must launch the missile blindly or block the enemy with the radar…

When the HMD arrived in the update, it worked perfectly with the minimal graphics and all that. but after some update patches, this stopped working and only works if you disable the graphics option for old cards…

some players like me don’t of us can have a decent PC to play and we must activate the minimum graphic settings to be able to gain some extra FPS.
I hope they can solve it :"(

I play on ULQ and have no problem with the HMD in the F-16C

but do you have the old graphics option activated?..
because I do. and that’s where the problem arises.