HKP3C is in need of a buff

It should go down in BR. Granted the mobility is good but it has no machine guns, the slowest missile in the game and you can’t heli rush.

Lower BR? It’s already has the lowest BR of all heli’s in the game.


It already fights tiger 2s. Its gimmick is having atgms at 7.7 and being quite mobile.

I guess you cant exactly heli rush but its spawn cost is basically as low as you can get without being a first spawn.


It‘s still terrible.

I‘d rather have Rockets. This atgms are the slowest in the Game and just terrible. Maybe Not the worst performing but pretty close.


Luckly, pretty much every nation has those. Atgms get the benefit of being aimable. Being slow is the trade off for low br atgms.

Still better than the Italian Huey…

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Would rather Play the Italian one.

I only know one worse atgm.

Really? With the rockets that don’t even hit within the area of the screen and machine guns that barely damage open tops?

But you have machine guns and I don’t have a problem aiming rockets.

No problem aiming rockets? Depending on the movement direction and speed of the helicopter they change their direction entirely, resulting in flightpaths that are 30-50° pff-centre from the crosshair.

And the MGs do zero damage.

Depends on what you define as worse. Some are faster but manual aim. Mouse aim is a big advantage. Plus being able to move around in the air quickly, fire on the move, and relocating at will.

Ok it’s the worst atgm carried by a heli.

True. Which is why it is 7.7 and not 8.3

H-34 is also 7.7 with faster missiles.
Edit: And it has a higher top speed than my missiles.

  1. But you have mgs.
  2. it’s been a while since I last played rockets on a heli. I‘ll write about this as soon as I get back to my computer.

How many does it get? The hkp3c gets 6. The 8.3 get 4 and i believe the other 7.7 atgm helis get like 2

But it also gets rockets and mgs.
And I never used more than two atgms on the hkp3c.

Really? Must be bad luck or you are rushing