HKP3C is actually a solid helicopter, not the best but its good


The HKP3C is said to be one of the worst helicopters in-game. However i myself don’t find this to be the case. If played as a sniper that ducks in and out of cover behind some trees or a hill, etc.

Here we have a example to follow be like “Dave” here!


Dave is low to the ground, and uses his surroundings to hide. Be like Dave.

Anyway, going away from the Pansarvärnshelikopter 9

You can play this vehicle effectively. The HEAT warhead is pretty decent, only real limiting factor is range and speed of the missile. However that also add another possibility of being able to fire a missile and waiting for a target to move out of cover. The manueverabiluty of the missile is good enough for that.

This however is usually not a problem for me. And, I try not to get spotted in the first place. (Not standing over helipad or hovering 1k meters of the ground. I usually get away, every 2-3 kills i usually bounce and move away so as to avoid aircraft. This strategy works wonders, and for me personally is lower risk higher reward than spawning a A28B etc. So my conclusion?

For being such a hated vehicle i find it fun, as long as its used to all its strengths!