Hit indicator doesnt work anymore

Hi there :) I have a weird problem with the Hit indicator on Tanks mainly: It didnt work at all for me and idk why :s I testet it with a friend yesterday and for him the indicator works. He has the same settings as I have :/

Any idea how to fix this? Its very, VERY frustrationg after a while not to see from where I got shot at

have you tried the simplified hit indicator?
try changing the opacity settings.
if not then while in game, press windows + ctrl + shift + b.
this resets your graphics driver. maybe thats the issue

The Simple indicator and the reset doesnt work either :s

then i suggest a reinstall

It is fresh installed :s So idk, i m thinking its something via onedrive oder a backup that broke it somehow :s

On tanks “mainly”? What is the exact issue with hit indicator?

The Hit indicator in the middle of the Screen doesnt show up when I get shot, etc.

"Example from Spooktonk