Hit box broken? UHT PARS3 TV Rockets

The UHT’s lock in is badly broken. The visor is on the left side of the vehicle and you can’t do anything about it. The TV rockets can only be activated with the patch at 8 km targets. A7E, Su22M3, and many other vehicles were hit. My question goes directly to Gaijin, is this a bug or did you want to nerf things?

Can someone from Gajin please answer?? I couldn’t read anything about the change in the patch? or is it a bug??

If you think it is a bug, please bug report it with all proper information attached to it.


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The Lock n of UHT is on the left side. I can’t do anything about it, it’s completely buggy.

What’s the point of reporting something if it’s always ignored? There isn’t even an answer to my messages…
Please change the reporting system, it’s just a waste of time if nothing happens!!!