Historical reports

I asked this question once before, so it bears mentioning again on the new forum. Historical reports are now sent here; Gaijin.net // Issues for anyone wondering. I liked the forum reporting better because of the response time from the mods and the formatting of the reports.

As it is, making historical reports now is just not worth the time it takes to make them anymore, as they’ll be buried underneath a mountain of bug reports.


With the new forum, we will be looking and how best to handle historical related suggestion materials in time. Its possible such topics as shell / weaponry suggestions and other similar topics are not bugs can find a home on the forum under the new system.

But we need some time to review what works best in terms of handling them the most effective way.


For vehicles where there are numerous historical issues - meaning a multiple-point report is needed - I’d suggest that the forum is a far better home for them than the bug reporting site.

Namely because long posts on the bug report site turn into little more than a massive wall of text, owing to the fact that you really can’t format things there (by design, as it’s for reporting bugs, not filing lengthy historical reports)

Generally in cases where there are multiple issues, separate reports are the best case anyway as each issue needs to be logged and tracked separately. Its never really a good idea to bundle multiple issues into one, as this can lead to other issues.

But indeed we are aware of the forums usefulness in some more complex historical matters.

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