Historical Events

So I’ve been really getting into this game and enjoying the air and ground parts of it equally.
On youtube I’ve seen some old warthunder videos of historical events.

Why do I never see any historical events for realistic air battles? I would love to play some.
I understand that some planes may be more popular than others in such events but surely some kind of bonus reward system for using the inferior planes would make people play them?

Air realistic battles as it is, is kinda boring after a while. we need some VARIETY some mission scenarios not just team deathmatch and chase the bombers.

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They are not made because it consumes a lot of resources (servers) for gaijin and because for a few years they have been operating in a simple, fast and uncomplicated way, of course this is my opinion.
I think I read that it was difficult to create a good balance in battles, there were always more players in a waiting queue on one team than on the other, for example, the event of shooting down a fleet of B17s, on one team there were 262 and on the other. The other team was p51s escort, a good balance was not achieved.
Maybe that imbalance is true but I myself have recreated historical battles in my squad, with a little effort you could achieve balanced and fun battles, but those were other times…
I liked those historical events, I played them all, whether it was about airplanes or tanks.

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They tried historical events but it ended up being a disaster. The queue was very long becuase the side with the better vehicles was the side that everyone queued up for.

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Ground SIM suffers from the same phenomenon.

Yeah I foresaw that in my original post. Imagine if they made the rewards attractive enough for people to WANT to try in certain scenarios. I’m sure they’re are enough scenarios they could ‘balance’ it out unhistorically with a few vehicles to even it. It’s just stale the current Air RB style.

An easy fix to this, would be to simply make the game mode rewarding for all players, win or lose.

Because russia would get slaughtered. Have you seen the KDR IRL of migs? Its abysmal, they do mixed nation for Air Battles because russia would get stomped and they cannot have that.