HIRSS for US helicopters (AH-64A-D/AH-1W)

Requesting the addition of HIRRSfor helicopters, since they can operate this type of technology, and since Russian helicopters have had them since 9.7
the range of static temperature
variations in the outlet crossings of the exhaust systems depending on the helicopter maneuver is as
follows: in the braking and returning maneuver - in the case of the classic exhaust system 607K-690K,
when using a cooler 344K-372K, in the jump up maneuver - in the case of the classic exhaust system
641K-720K, when using a cooler 355K-383K, in the, the fast acceleration from hovering maneuver

  • in the case of the classic exhaust system 646K-731K, when using a exhaust cooler 359K-389K.
    example of a non-diaphragm exhaust cooler is HIRSS (Hover InfraRed Suppression
    System) that has been developed to reduce the infrared emissions of the exhaust from helicopter
    engines, such as the General Electric T-700 engine employed in helicopter designs such as the Black
    Hawk UH-60, the Apache AH-64 and the AH-1. Example of HIRSS used on AH -1 Super Cobra
    version was shown below, where reflected thermal signature of tailboom was significantly decreased.
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Already bug reported the AH-1W on the dev server when it first appeared, but yeah, pretty unfair they didn’t do 1 minute of research and copy paste the AH-1Z’s HIRSS model onto it, when every Russian heli and their mothers get them


I think it’s already built into the aircraft. Could be wrong though.


Its not the same, that one built in the heli works, but we have another one
Normal Exaust engine

HIRRS - first plane with, second without

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And like EL337GH0ST said for AH-1W is the same
AH-1W without HIRSS

1W with

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Certainly be neat to have it on my Japanese Apache.

I’m pretty sure the bottom image is of AH-64Es


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D Block III is the E, it was re-designated.

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well well… im pretty sure Gaijin will not give the ASPI to the 64D either 114L, they will force us to research a new helicopter…
but at least to the 64D they can give the IRCM missing and give the 114K his 11km range… not only 8

The 64D has an IRCM unit, at least the American one does. I pray for any buff for the Apaches, they really need it.

i cant say AMASE really work as IRCM… all the time Iglas and Strela and even Stinger can lock on me without problem

P sure AMASE just adds flares and MAWS

Had to update the game but yeah the U.S 64D has IRCM by default:


MANPADS+TY-90 use seekers that are immune to IRCM, only the DIRCM on the Ka-52/Mi28NM can spoof these missiles. The IRCM of the Apache/OH-58/Hinds etc. should work against other missiles like R-73s/AIM-9Ls and should work against the Strela as long as it’s not an Optical Contrast lock.


What exactly is DIRCM? and only these two have?

Essentially a system that tracks an incoming missile and aims IR light at it to overwhelm the seeker, in game it modelled wrong and just acts an IRCM unit that has a different IR group (it shouldn’t be spoofing missiles before they can launch).

Only the Ka-52 and Mi-28NM have it since they’re the only Helicopters that entered service with DIRCM systems afaik.

DIRCM has been trialled on 64Es and Blackhawks and is equipped on larger Aircraft like C-17s but I don’t know much more than that atm

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and also, i just figure out now, Black Hawk also have his IR deflector system

But of course we havent in game

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