High tier sim GROUND isnt ground, its air

I dont think i have to explain this to anyone here. High tier sim literally unplayable. How can we get a mode without air? I saw that the suggestion board was closed. Surely they must know how broken it is?

Spawn SPAA ??? profit

Ok so only play SPAA got it brother. So you mean SPAA only and nothing else?

shoot air with gun

Sounds fun

“just spawn SPAA bro”

Ah… CAS mains…

Anyway, OP has a point. Helicopters being able to first-spawn with ATGMs in Ground Sim is beyond silly.

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No, i wait with my spawn until everyone else spawns, if i see we don´t have any or have just one SPAA i just spawn it as my first spawn,wipe their air, most people wont respawn second time in plane,then they have just one life in tank and go to hangar. While you can still spawn two tanks after spawning SPAA.

And let’s just not forget that even for missile SPAA you need skill, while little Billy with his plane can kill you from 10 km while having so few braincells that he might forget to breathe.

I guess some Air SB players tired of being shot from AAA, they went yo Ground SB XD